View Full Version : Golden box object bug

17th Oct 2014, 22:06
I open a golden box and found this:
It's totally useless, 4 conts and 1 pro. I think is a bug. The speed buff on move are countered by the debuff.

20th Oct 2014, 14:16
the two negatives are counted as one there is no bug here

20th Oct 2014, 15:37
Hey Malkev,

Sometimes the uncommon/rare items you find might end up being not as exciting to use due to the poor rolls on the pros and cons. I understand that it feels bad when you can't enjoy the new shiny item you got, but hey, the default one isn't that bad. However, hold on to those as you will be able to re-roll those attributes later on once the crafting system is implemented.

20th Oct 2014, 15:45
Most of the random stat items are not going to be good, and you just end up using the defaults. They are nice to have though if you haven't bought an item yet (let's you try it out first).

As far as the one you posted goes... I never like anything that has negative move/attack speed after a kill myself, but I suppose if you get a kill then GTFO it could work. The natural positive move/attack speed (before killing anyone) is great though, especially on a deceivers disguise (can cover more ground while invis, and kill faster). I have never really noticed the negative dodge roll cooldown, so am usually happy to see that as one of my negatives.

21st Oct 2014, 11:14
i get the same obyect for all the 5 chest....