View Full Version : Matchmaking Ban for leavers

30th Sep 2015, 19:01
I appreciate there is an effort to put some sort of punishment on the leavers of the game however, it isn't working.

As it stands now the only people being punished by this leaver penalty are the ones who enjoy the game. The game has been crashing for a lot of people recently, a couple patches go out and more crashes occur. With the penalty and the reconnect button never working it just forces player who want to play to wait 10 minutes to 2 hours.

If you don't believe me on the crashes, go over to NGvisator Stream and watch the ESL from this past weekend 9-27-15. You will see Poor Yapper crash every couple of minutes.

Like I said above I am all for the leaver penalty. In the current state of the game the ones leaving are generally raging and going to play something else anyway, so they don't care. The other leavers or the people who want to play the game but are crashing constantly. All the leaver penalty is doing right now is forcing players like myself to spend more time in other steam games while we wait out the penalty. This is obviously bad for business cause there are plenty of games which I may not like as much as Nosgoth, but cause far fewer headaches and they start taking up more and more time. Players will eventually just skip the headache of crashing and enjoy something else.

I hear rocket league is pretty decent = )

4th Oct 2015, 03:31
Part of the issue of punishing "leavers" comes down to the issue of stability, sometimes after the patches the game reverts to being somewhat unstable.

So the devs currently have a hard job of balancing the penalty to the point it's a detriment to people who quit matches for various reasons including their team starting to loose (which we've all seen) while not punishing people who through no fault of their own end up crashing out of game like the old infamous "Nosgoth has stopped working..." windows crash.

Possibly the devs need to consider putting a "logging" app/program in that players can run while running nosgoth and it crashing to hopefuly be able to pinpoint how and why the crashes are occuring, currently when there's a lot of the community starts reporting crashes the usual answer is directx diags, and certain log files requested to be emailed in.
Using a seperate app to track whats going on, however it would need to NOT log things like keystrokes while nosgoth is not focused ie so it doesn't "accidently" log things like peoples email details, FB logins etc.