View Full Version : Additional savegame slots?

30th Sep 2015, 16:57
Well, it's not a bug or issue per se, but I'm wondering if it might be possible to add a few more savegame slots to the game?

I guess many players like me like to play the game several times, trying out different decisions and outcomes. The game has such a great replay value. But just three savegame slots feels a bit insufficient. You have used them up quite fast and I don't like to delete older savegames.

So I wanted to ask if it might be possible to add two or three additional savegame slots to the game, so we can have more playthroughs at once without having to delete old playthroughs? It would be a really nice addition, if this is somehow possible.

Thank you in advance!

17th Nov 2015, 21:26
So I assume it's not possible to add additional savegame slots to the game. :(