View Full Version : (HELP) Interacting with snoozing alarm - Black Screen

30th Sep 2015, 16:40
Hello, can anyone help me? I know this isn't a glitch. I am playing on pc and its hard to interact with the snooze since its black screen, the snooze highlight only show up if I pause and resume the game back for less than a second so I can't interact with it.. So I'm stucked with this episode part. It's been like I'm forever stuck here, i've already wasted too much time yesterday until now. How can i bypass this?

5th Oct 2015, 08:21

Here are a few things you can try to fix this issue:

- Ensure all graphic drivers are up to date
- Disable any anti-aliasing from your graphic card menu/settings
- Run in safe mode
- Try a few different resolutions

Could you post what graphic card your PC is using?

Many thanks