View Full Version : Does the music get better?

14th Oct 2014, 22:28
I have the albums of FF7, 8 and 10 as the music is amazing, specially 7 and 10 but 13s music is poop, its actually annoying lol?

Is there any epic songs later on?

Have they really went down hill since 10 and are just living off past FF reputation?

I know this is 4 year old or something, but ive never met anyone go on about it like the others and the online games are not my thing, is there any other decent FF games after 10?

14th Oct 2014, 22:45
I know its a matter of opinion & taste, but wow...FF13 has some really great music.

14th Oct 2014, 23:09
Everyone likes ff7 and 10 music

15th Oct 2014, 04:25
I personally agree with -Mikfail-. I, for one, certainly find the music of FFXIII most enjoyable.

31st Jan 2015, 00:45
I think the XIII trilogy has the best music ever to grace Final Fantasy.