View Full Version : Nosgoth New/Second Competition/Cups ideas :)

29th Sep 2015, 11:16
Hey Guys,

this game has some excellent gamers and awesome people doing a lot for the gaming community. :)

Atm the competitive scene in Nosgoth is able to test their skills in weekly competitions in ESL (every Sunday). The best 8 teams (or those who gather the most points in the previous 4 weeks) compete again in the monthly finals.

I wanted to ask (escpecially all active ESL players or former/future ones), which day during the week would you prefer for a second regular competiton and also which time would you prefer? Also let me know if you have any ideas regarding the procedure of the competition. :) Like Best of 1/3/5, single elimination/looser bracket and so on.

Let's gather some ideas. :)

Superstar Kush