View Full Version : So when does the game get good?

14th Oct 2014, 16:47
I think im at the middle of chapter 4 and the game is sooooooo boring!!!!

The combat system is all automated, and with no random fights, everything is on screen, its dumb imo.

I like last remnant (which has a similar combat system but better overall imo) and never got bored once as theres plenty to do all the time, but this game is just BORING!

I get a gut feeling i wont like a game but i still tried this in the end and it sucks :(

I love all previous FF games, i just hate the crappy story so far and the boring combat system.

Does it get better?

I dont mind the low res or the fps drops, ofcourse they shouldnt be there, but come on, the fps drops to 30 for 1 second during fights and you cant even notice it as its so fast anyways :|

720p is annoying and i hate them black lines, but if the 1080p fix messes with the UI i dont want it.

SO overall the game is a 4/10 for me, im just bored walking along paths and fighting monsters that seem to have no link to the place they are in at all! Its like they are random monsters :S FF10 monsters seemed to all go with the place they spawned at, but FF13 they are just totally random! The combat is just boring too, there is no choice, if you try and do a combo the way you want it, it slows you down far too much and is worse off.


14th Oct 2014, 19:46
Playing the English version so far if it matters. I seem to get enemies dependent on the zone I'm in, Information regarding them unlocks in the datalog as you progress. Also, you will need to start using the combat features in tougher battles. If not you will just get wiped out instantly.

Sucks you don't like the story so far. Personally, I like the pacing and how it reveals itself as I play more.

I'm using durantes tool, playing in a 4k downsample to 1080p, the quality is terrific. I don't really see any issues with the UI rendering, it looks fine. However, I also use the Nohud keybind in the tool sometimes for that added immersion ingame :)

14th Oct 2014, 20:56
Well the story is pretty boring imo, look at 7s it has everything! Look at 8s, its a bit crap but the start is so fun and even the mini card game is more fun that 13 up to now lol!

10s story is really good, i dunno why people hate it, sure tidus voice acting isnt the best but its a good game all round and the combat system is great!

13s story so far is confusing and boring.....

The combat is tedious and boring....

Even the cut scenes are boring i skip most of them because they just dont interest me at all!

For a final fantasy game it really is BORING.

Combat system so bad! I want my hero do output most damage but they would rather cast a 2 slot spell which does 900 damage over 2 1 slot spells that do 700 :S its so stupid! And to change it it wastes time and then i do even less damage! Auto attack is dumb and it allow you to customise it before battle or during and then keep that rotation, instead of doing dumb **** that does less damage...

Ive also noticed attack speeds on certain spells/attacks, some attack MUCH faster therefore doing more dps but again the auto attack messes everything up and chooses stupid combos doing less damage....

Im sure all this has been said before but im really having to drag myself through the game atm, does it get better later on? Its so god damn tedious atm!

Another thing is the leveling up system, it caps you each time! Theres no need to farm or anything as you reach cap just killing everything along the way...

I dunno who can enjoy this really, its nothing like final fantasy, they should of named it something else tbh.