View Full Version : You ever had the chanche of studying programming

13th Oct 2014, 19:47
40 minutes trying to link my steam account to your damn square enix account.....

I'm gonna puke, I'm a programmer and I could have done better in an hour of work....

Hordes of people are complaining on your forums and steam store page forum... and you sit there pretending nothing happened

Way to go :wave:

13th Oct 2014, 23:49
First: Before you start complaining about their programming skillz, try to post in the correct section of the forum.

Second: Please ask in the correct forum section for help. They don't bite. ;)

16th Oct 2014, 20:48
We found one new bug that was affecting some people on the site, this has since been resolved. If you do still have any issues, please post in the correct board, and please do so constructively. This should now, however, be fixed for you.