View Full Version : Just purchased FF11 and I'm not sure how to get it started...

12th Oct 2014, 00:51
Just made a square-enix acc. and i would like to play FF11 but an error keeps coming up saying "The entered registration code is invalid".

12th Oct 2014, 17:34
Customer support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=455&la=2) should be able to help you with your issue. Make sure to include your key with the ticket so that they can verify it.

12th Oct 2014, 19:00
It's case sensitive. Mine'll say it's invalid if I try to add it as a service in lowercase letters. If I put it into uppercase, as it is in the book, it'll tell me it's already registered. ;)

19th Mar 2015, 15:55
So I reently purchased ffXI deluxe edition thingy through steam. I open the game it opens playonline it brings me to a wall of text with a link in it. I click the link it brings me to a page for merging my playonline and square enix accounts. When I try merge my playonline account it brings me to a square-enix login page. Now I login via facebook and that is not an option on this page. It says my username or password is incorrect though I've never given a password for the account and I can't even go into change it. The other route the email never sends.

I just wasted 40 dollars on a game I can't register an account to play.

I can't do so because Square-enix site is very unfriendly to the user and unnecessarily complicated so much so to the point I can't register an account to play your game glad you got my money and I get nothing in return.