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11th Oct 2014, 20:51
I dont't know if this question has been done before but I'm level 40 and took time doubting it and actually has almost no importance but today i'm bored and I'll raise it:

When using vampires shift key is used for climb walls or high jump at the edge instead of humans who just sprint holding it.
The thing is that I've always noticed that vampires movement animation changes subtly when you hold shift as if they were preparing for climb or jump, so the question is if they increase their movement speed holding shift, although it is inappreciable or not change at all.

And since we are, how do you think vampires move straight faster? Simply walking or well timed attack-dash-attack-dash movement pattern?

13th Oct 2014, 00:19
I am not at such a high level, but it seems to me holding shift doesnt change movement speed at all. However, I realized that when running on rooftops you get to jump here and there. I believe the jump is significantly faster than running. Also, the attack>> roll pattern is faster than running. I am quite sure of that.

13th Oct 2014, 03:10
Holding shift as a vampire does not change movement speed, it just puts you into climbing/jumping mode should you encounter a structure or ledge.

Attack-roll pattern is indeed faster than just moving.

20th Oct 2014, 20:08
I like calling it 'Free-running' mode.

Can I just add Fix the proximity climbing on small object inside buildings it's annoying and causes you to get stuck.

Can't add more than what has been said above about speed of Vampires.

3rd Nov 2014, 16:29
Since the tyrant patch all vampires now move faster using the attack-dash method. Holding shift simply puts your vampire into a state where they will accept climbing and leaping commands, there is no movement speed change.

3rd Nov 2014, 16:57
is it faster than leap attack movement speed?

3rd Nov 2014, 18:13
Leap attack movement speed (assuming you aren't talking about the airborne part) is the same as the Reaver's base movement speed using it. It's always going to be slower than roll/attack is because you can't dodge from the sprawled position. That being said, a crouched reaver is harder to hit than a dodging one normally.

7th Nov 2014, 11:37
Will they ever get rid of this melee swing + roll combo for faster movement? It looks silly, weird and shouldn't be there IMO.

7th Nov 2014, 19:40
Will they ever get rid of this melee swing + roll combo for faster movement? It looks silly, weird and shouldn't be there IMO.

Agreed, this is something that just shouldn't exist. Multiple different approaches to fix as well.
(Add a cooldown time after an attack where you can't roll, add a cooldown time after a roll where you cant attack, or adjust both humans and vampires base movement speeds higher to the point where this fact is just no longer true.)