View Full Version : Life is Strange : Chloe has to Die Mini-Theory

29th Sep 2015, 01:23
I have a theory to share.

I am going to use a Futurama Movie to explain something. In "Bender's Big Score", the professor says that a duplicated body is destined to be erased from existence.
What if something similar happened when Max saved Chloe? Chloe was intended to be killed by Nathan, and from cause of that death, many other wil ocurre.
It's kinda "Final Destination", Max Saved Chloe, and all the other people were saved, and there it goes all the scenes where Chloe is killed (The Train, wen she shots herself, when she is almost killed by Frank, and finally, when she gets killed by Jefferson). Chloe has to be erased from existence, and the people that died for cause of her death, too, and there enters the tornado, that will kill all the people that where saved by Max.

PD: Sorry for my English, but im Chilean

29th Sep 2015, 12:20
Yeah. That's something I thought of too. I hope we are totally wrong and can save her without any following "bad consequences" but it somehow feels that it's Chloes fate to die at the end.

29th Sep 2015, 12:27
You know what? I actually think that this is the thing Dontnod WANTS us to think. They want to make everybody think about this once at least. Like in Ep. 4 when Max looks at the mirror, she says something like: "Funny. I think I look older." I think those are just red herrings and something completely different will happen.

14th Oct 2015, 19:31
My niece played episode 3, she's played 1 and 2 before but finally played 3.. For some reason she decided to make a new save and play from episode 3. I noticed some things. Kate was dead, Max never watered Lisa, and never helped Alyssa. Those are a few things I noticed. It was interesting to see what happened playing the individual episode. Seeing what was supposed to happen. I think the theory about Chloe dying is probably correct. I'm making a longer post about it in a moment. :)