View Full Version : MISC. Daily Roll

28th Sep 2015, 08:44
I personally find it an annoyance when I have to work two nights in a row and don't have time to log on, especially when I come home and drop after 18 hour shifts, this is myself and thusly my own opinion, to be capable of logging in 7 days straight to get a nice roll on the chart.

I suggest something along the lines of the actual number of days logged in with a larger number of digits in the tiers or a longer delay allowed between reset time periods. Most people work quite a great deal these days, and in order for a perk of a game to be more of a obligation is rather... disconcerting.

28th Sep 2015, 18:24
You get the log-in reward literally JUST for logging in. Takes like...A minute, tops.

29th Sep 2015, 00:19
After i missed one day and it reset, i was about to choke a B****h, but now I take the 1 min of my day and log in right at 12am eastern time zone.

30th Sep 2015, 06:38
I don't see what the problem is. It's a reward for logging in that escalates the more days you do it in a row, not something you have to do daily. I frequently miss a day so it resets and oh blimey, I missed out on another 100 gold or a temporary runestone discount. :P