View Full Version : Will Max be Saved in the Dark Room of be left to Save herself?

28th Sep 2015, 02:39
I watched this theory video.. what do you guys think?


Who are your main contenders for saving Max? here are mine..

1. Nathan Prescott


2. David Madsen


I think depending on how you treated the cast throughout episodes 1-4 will determine who will come to your aid.

If you didn't let Warren beat up Nathan in episode 4 he keeps his gun.. which could end up helping Max if he decides to help her against Jefferson.

Getting David kicked out might mean he wont see the co ordinates in Chloe's room on the computer, if you defend David he can pinpoint Max's location.. not before visiting the junkyard first as he knows they hang there and finding her body..

28th Sep 2015, 03:40
Those theories make a lot of sense, a lot of them I haven't even thought about. I got David kicked out of the house, but maybe since he brought a gun, if Nathan decides to go take on Jefferson in the dark room, maybe he might follow Nathan, leading him there? Or he was around when Jefferson drugged max (possibly stalking him some more). I especially like the theory of Nathan going to the dark room to try and save who he thinks is Victoria only to find Max and helps her, depending on whether or not you let warren beat him up maybe? So many different things to tie the story together! I love it :D

28th Sep 2015, 04:13
Well, I got David kicked out, and let Warren beat up Nathan. So, unless Frank comes because I didn't let Chloe hurt him, and/or Victoria because she believed my warning, I'm totally on my own.

28th Sep 2015, 13:29
Frank and David are my top guesses. David of course has been investigating things.
If you managed to keep peace with Frank, he is concerned about Rachel, and would know where the Barn is since he did visit it twice to sell Nathan Drugs.

29th Sep 2015, 14:31
There is always the possibility that Max will not survive and the game ends with her demise...

29th Sep 2015, 15:56
I dont think she'll die, but maybe have to remove herself from the 'main' universe for the sake of the others. What I mean, the time power would throw her out of the timeline with Chloe and her friends, leaving them to think she's 'dead', but because her powers she'll be able to observe them but not communicate with them.

29th Sep 2015, 16:00
Or in otherwords, I think she'll be left with a choice. Stay with Chloe, but this would keep Rachel Amber 'dead' or 'die' herself and let Rachel be with Chloe.

Though the only real evidence I have of parallel universes is the double moons we see in the sky. One from each timeline. Her powers temporarily creating a bridge between the two.

29th Sep 2015, 19:24
No one will save her. She will die.

29th Sep 2015, 19:54
No one will save her. She will die.

Oh, we missed you.

29th Sep 2015, 22:16
I think everything is possible cause there is a weird anomalistic stuff going on Arcadia Bay. Like two moons, so everything can happen in the Dark Room. :D

29th Sep 2015, 23:16
Yeah, I've thought for a while David Madsen could come to her aid, but its also just as probable it could be Nathan. It would be great if it were choice dependant. Though I gave them both the benefit of the doubt and didn't treat either of them poorly :)

It could be that David saves her but in the time before that happens, whether or not you had mercy on Nathan will decide whether or not Nathan will have mercy on Max. Karams a b-- . I hope people made the right decisions! :p

1st Oct 2015, 13:42
Oh, we missed you.

Lair. :hmm: