View Full Version : Chest keys for lots of Gold?

27th Sep 2015, 15:18
Maybe make keys available for a good amount of gold...like 5000 Gold, or something.

This would be good to non-payers, since they could get some of those nice chest contents...and also to the game, since players would need to farm a lot of gold for each key (and thus spend a lot of time playing Nosgoth).

27th Sep 2015, 18:15
They really should make keys available for gold. Also I think they should remove this regular/exalted chest crap and only have one type of chest. So you would have a chance to get skins from dropped chests as well. And instead of exalted chests, they could sell chest + key bundle only for runes.

So if you get a chest from drop, you have the option to buy a key for gold or runes, but if you want to buy chests instead of getting them by playing, you are "forced" to buy that chest + key bundle with runes, which could be the same price as exalted chests are now. And they should really remove the garbage from chests.

27th Sep 2015, 19:40
There's nothing good in those chests anyway.
The good stuff is in the exalted chests, which you have to pay for anyway.

With 5k Gold you can just buy what you want from the store and enchant it yourself.