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6th Oct 2014, 16:41
Hello Community,

I am a high level experienced player in nosgoth, many people know me by my ingame name "Hades".
I heard several mentions that the Tyrant in nosgoth is gimped/slow/vulnerable or commonly said pretty bad in this game, especially in high level games.

I tried it out, and I came to the conclusion that this statement isn't true at all, I think many people just do not understand how the Tyrant is meant to be played and how incredibly powerful he can be with the right abilities,
I had many games with my common loadout, that was default charge/ground slam/enrage, and I experienced that I would kill many players (high- and low level) in under 3 hits, without being able to even counter me.
So this is how I did that, an enraged charge, which deals I think about 30-40% of their hp, a ground slam that will push and stun them to 65-80% percent life, and a single hit(not charged) and any class of human would be dead.
There is only one class scout that can prevent the ground slam with throwing knives, and even then he will get stunned, because I will trigger it immediately after I get stunned.
NO other class can even counter me while i do these 3 attacks, whip/hex/ take too long to execute, my ground slam is nearly instantaneous.

I played Tyrant for awhile now, and I really cannot say he isn't bad or slow, most people just think he is a tank, which in my opinion he isn't, at least not with my setup, and even if I have no way to prevent a bola or something, enrage gives me more damage when my health is lower, people really need to see that this gives a huge advantage for the Tyrant, and in many occasions this is a life saver.

Furthermore, Charge has a "used-cooldown", meaning, the longer you use the ability, the longer it will take to cool down (max 12s), if you only use it like 2-3 seconds, you can use it after 5-8 seconds again.
And you can even use the Charge, to just push through the human lines, and get behind a wall or inside a house, so you hit them for 30-40% of their life without getting damaged or only minimal, I must say focusing the scout with this method is crucial, any other class cannot deal that much damage with a single shot, so trying to charge to him,(preferably not frontal) will leave you unharmed.

About the jump attack nerf, in my opinion this is justified, because it means that tyrants who die, can leap on a roof, leap again and kill humans who are just trying to replenish on a supply station, I myself did that often while it still worked and it isn't fair, other than this I see no reason to nerf it.

Whip can cancel jump attack, PLEASE NERF!

Here are some screenshots I took while playing Tyrant.







8th Oct 2014, 11:05
Thanks for posting this, made me try charging loadout again, I have basically played only jump Tyrant until now. Now I just need a bit more practice, but I'm already having so much fun with it and also getting some nice games in! ;)

17th Oct 2014, 20:15
Ever played that loadout with the Regeneration perk? I'm not at your skill level but i just think that it might be one of the best tyrant perks. Especially on teams with 2 Tyrants, getting into a rhythm with enraged charge/jump, escaping LoS for just long enough to get back to 900-1100 health. Charge/jump again.
I think tyrants just not a good fit for some peoples playstyles, requires more stealth and flanking than you'd think the 'big guy" class would.
May just be a scrub loadout though.

25th Oct 2014, 15:07
Regen perk is good, but you have to remember that enrage gets some serious damage boost when lower hp, so if you get out with about 500 hp and jump/charge back in with enrage, then it is a full wipe! ;) I like to use the bloodlust perk to do even more damage and get out faster. I also ditched charge, it just doesn't fit my play style.