View Full Version : Recharging Items

25th Sep 2015, 06:52
I would like to request that the rate of item decay at least be toned down a bit. With the ludicrous number of chests coming as drops and the inability to get Quicksilver from Salvaging anything less than an Arcane Item, it is a real turn-off and comes across as an obnoxious money grab.
I am not a fan of the item charges in general, but I get that you guys want to create another way to encourage micro-transations for real money. Still, the overall theme of the game has been that anything that can be done with real money can be done with time and effort. This feels very much like the Forge is just a system through which the game justifies claims that it is "pay-to-win," since the only way for a steady player to keep their items charged (and thus their themes functioning, whether it be +sprint, -spread, +health, or what-have-you) is to spend real money.

I bought a Founder's Pack and have no interest in cosmetic skins I didn't earn at this time. I'd rather this game not add another detraction from maintaining a player base, in this case through attempts at economic control.

25th Sep 2015, 08:04
Also, why cant you see the item stats when it is expired?
As someone with multiple items of the same type, this is really annoying.
I even use my otherwise useless Name Tags to mark items meant for recharging.

27th Sep 2015, 21:22
More quicksilver should be just fine. I got 200+ from everything (100+ dark materials), but what I miss the most are these blue annoying things.