View Full Version : Theatre Rythm Song Request List!

30th Sep 2014, 04:27
Hi everyone,

First off I want to say that I think the people responsible for creating FF TR did a great job. It's an awesome game and I know it must have been hard narrowing down the song selection considering the great amount of tracks available and limited space on the cartridge.

With that said, there were a few omissions that I hope get added in soon! (These may be coming soon in DLC but I checked the list and did not see them)

FF 7 : Mining Town
Turks Theme
Wall Street Theme

FF X : Besaid Island (PLEASE OH PLEASE INCLUDE THIS Probably the one I want to hear most)

FFXI : Rolanberry Fields (YES PLEASE IT's SO GOOD)
Yuhtunga Jungle

Does anyone else have any songs they would like to play?

Thank you SE and thanks everyone for reading,


30th Sep 2014, 08:46
FF X : Besaid Island - Good call.

2nd Oct 2014, 17:49
Something that I would like to see as DLC is:
Final Fantasy IX: Black Mage Village
(and maybe Conde Petie if they're feeling nice)

3rd Oct 2014, 21:25
I want more song from mystic quest like : the dark king and doom castle . It was a good game whatever people can say about it, it remind me great memory of my childhood and all the music was awesome