View Full Version : Young Max's memory (spoiler)

25th Sep 2015, 03:08
So 18-year old Max 'entered' 13-year old Max (twice) to alter the history. My question is when Old Max go back to the present, does young Max retain the memory or was it all a blank during that time?

If she can, Max would have know that she will have the powers and the present should still be very different.

If she cannot, she would have said that day was all of a blank to her and a large chunk of memory seem to be disappear even at the current present.

This is because the current newest present is the part when she burnt the photo so that she couldn't change it again right?

25th Sep 2015, 04:53
I have often wondered about this plenty of times, and I think that once Old Max goes back to the present, then all of her memories goes with her as well and none of them stay with Young Max and she won't remember the reason why she did and said all the things that Old Max did.

25th Sep 2015, 05:54
My response to your query is no, young Max would not retain the memory. It was Max, who, after arriving at that moment back in time, mentioned the fact that her eighteen year old self was in a thirteen year old body. So Max from the future existed in that shell, not the thirteen year old Max - that's how I interpret it.

Basically, she occupied an empty vessel.

25th Sep 2015, 16:02
Well, 18 year old Max remembers what she did when she was 13, (as not to create a paradox) so the memories she has from then would fill in that "blank area" from where her 18 year old conciousness occupied her 13 year old body.