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24th Sep 2015, 18:21
Hello everybody.
Sorry if my english is not that good, ill try to be as clear as possible ^^

So, my team is qualified in a League Cup, i went throught all the first rounds.
I was playing the quarter finals today and i won it... 4-0... But i'm not qualified for the semi finals and i dont understand why...

Here are the screenshots of what im trying to explain :

Quarter finals. My team is "Baboule Team" :


Semi Finals. My opponen in the quaters is here but not me...


So i dont get it at all :D

Please, someone explain me because im lost right now :D

Thanks a lot!

25th Sep 2015, 22:05
Hello, no admin or something to answer ?

Please ?

29th Sep 2015, 17:35
Hi Marmite - apologies for the late reply and welcome to the forums! I'll private message you now so we can look into your specific account.

This is an issue that we've seen previously but we were pretty sure we managed to fix it. We'll take another look and will make sure you haven't lost out in the meantime!

Moved thread to tech forums.

5th Oct 2015, 10:19
Thanks a lot for your answers and th way you solve it :)