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26th Sep 2014, 13:54
Hi guys,

Here to tell a story of my Sentinel getting falsely jailed and his daring escape.

When playing on The Fane, I was trying to drag a human body after a rightful kill, but I got handicapped by a wall and a bunch of rocks. My teammates attempted to set me free, but it didn’t work. I started to try to get myself out of that situation by trying movement and attacking. Attacking pushed me through the wall, and I ended up in a jail cell:

(I started taking screenshots after I got stuck, but the location where it all started is to my left. The portion of the map is further to the South from Raziel’s statue.)

At the end of my cell there was a dark pit. I decided to give it a try and see where it takes me:

After flying around the outer walls of the map I could taste the freedom, but an invisible wall was stopping me from breaking free:

26th Sep 2014, 15:20

28th Sep 2014, 07:20
OMG, I wish you'd taken video! XD That's great.