View Full Version : Lobby kicks. Game disconnects. "Enter SE email/submission failed"

26th Sep 2014, 13:41
I've been playing Nosgoth for some time now. Within the last few days I can no longer access or play the game. I've been kicked from almost every lobby I've been in. Every game has issues loading (either syncing online profile or waiting for server..) or will kick me within a few minutes of playing. Now I get back to the main menu and I'm repeatedly prompted with "enter your email to link SE and steam accounts" followed by "submission failed". What is going on? Any helpful input would be appreciated.

29th Sep 2014, 10:26
I believe if you log out of the game - go to SE website and then confirm your email account on your SE Profile - then load the game again it should work.

29th Sep 2014, 14:02
Just happened to be one of those things that just stopped acting up and the game works fine now. I didn't personally do anything to resolve it. GG Nosgoth, GG.