View Full Version : critic to my dear FFVII

26th Sep 2014, 00:54
good morning everyone.. I don't speak very well english, so I apologize by now, but I'll try to be brief and clear.. Maybe I'm just waisting time, but I think this would be the better place to my critique.. I was just wondering on the details of the game.. first time i played ff7 was about 8 years ago, but I lost my CD and I was not able to finish the entire game.. now I have finally finished the entire game, with all the side quests! Yesterday I found many legends(without cheats) about sephiroth in the team, resurrection of aerith(just dunno why some call her aeris), joe the jockey, vincent's ghost, zack into the party, too.. and others.. I've checked many of them by myself.. what a lot of idiocy, just a waste of time! but all these theory made me think.. why the item at the gold saucer's speed square: masamune? why the promise between aerith and cloud to go to the highwind? Maybe the fact she fell in love with cloud was a good idea, but why not to continue it? It seems like they were short on money and they had to seal the entire "aerith division".. that's not good.. the game was a real success, a wonderful game.. why did you all have to ruine a nearly-perfect game? seems like the details do not have any importance.. I know that's only a game, I know you have to earn money, and I know you're not perfect.. but you're not stupid: just a little effort! I expected a sudden resurrection of aerith, an illusion or something similiar.. probably someone' ll say "if you like it so much, just shut the f*** up".. but why not to reach something even better? ok.. here it is nearly 3 a.m. better to sleep! please square enix.. don't waste, don't ruin all our plains to play a gorgeus, a perfect final fantasy.. ff is a jrpg.. not an action like ff fifteenth! ff means TOWN->BEATING MONSTER->EARN MONEY->IMPROVE WEAPONS->COOL BOSS! and there again! not just push A button and walk always up(references to events or people are purely coincidental :whistle: )!!! I really apprecciate your job, but I don't like seeing my favourite games involving like this! night guys!