View Full Version : Champ Man 16 - Initial Thoughts and Feedback

23rd Sep 2015, 16:30
Hi Folks,

Hopefully by tomorrow (Thursday) you'll all have already downloaded Champ Man 16 and be playing it. Would be great to get your initial thoughts combined in this thread here.

I'll start a separate thread for feature requests (as we had previously) :)

Happy Managing and good luck!

24th Sep 2015, 15:01
Apologies I didn't even see this thread, disregard my thoughts thread anyway my thoughts below.

Interface: Same as 15 not confusing and know where everything is which is a plus.

Transfer Logic: As mention by CM its improved and going by my first summer window there's loads more transfer activity(what I really wanted) I'll post more during seasons.

Match Engine: Loving the new ME seeing your shots and saves also I've seen offsides which I've never seen in previous CMs :).

Job Vacancies: Very much needed and I will admit I absolutely love it, got offered Morecambe job in L2 turned it down to stay in conference :).

My only problem is the conditions rapidly draining :( but overall this is a big big step up and a really enjoyable, I stopped playing FMH when CM14 came out tbh I'll never go back CM16 is the game ill play all the time.

I'll post requests etc when the thread is up.

27th Sep 2015, 14:41
Im disappointed. Thats all. All they have done is changed background, made injury news, put changing clubs action and added leagues.
Most wanted things isnt implemented. Disappointing

27th Sep 2015, 14:46
Im disappointed in CM16.
Yeah, of course, there is some great features like the new match engine and champoins leagues. But overall, its the same game. Loans isnt fixed, swaps isnt implemented. A lot of most requested things isnt implemented.
Of course, I am playing CM16 and I like it... but. Its not the game I wanted it to be. And transfers r doing like this- one week: players transfering to BPL only. Next is BBVA only exc. Disappointing

27th Sep 2015, 18:04
They implemented much needed features as well as others like currency and disallowed goals :).

1st Oct 2015, 05:52
Yeah. Well. Its still the best football manager game on mobile devices. But I really wanted some more features added.

2nd Oct 2015, 16:10
Developing a game isn't that simple, buddy.