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23rd Sep 2014, 18:41
I'm pretty surprised to find no one has mentioned this game which graced two games on the snes and was pretty dynamic. A god game and side scroller in one. Some of the aspects of the game were tedious but the concept was very progressive. Help your people build while manifesting yourself as a warrior to fight enemies on the ground. I read that this game got a port to wii years ago but the liscense hasn't been used for a long time. A new installment would be awesome and considering the advancement of both pc and console seeing this now would make it as unique a title as it was then. Combining game styles like "star wars battlefront" or "dynasty warriors" with rts qualities all in real time. A great concept. The second game actually eliminated the rts portion and focused on the side scroller with a different hero. The original concept was amazing. There are games like "from dust" on xbox live which have a great base for the rts style for a game like this or "dark cloud" which was similar but left out key elements and was VERY repetitive.. there is currently nothing out there for a multiplatformer like this. You folks still have the liscense for this.. correct? Anybody else interested in seeing a new "Actraiser"?

6th Jul 2018, 14:48
With all the upcoming old games like new Battletoads, Megaman 11 etc. i could really imagine an Actraiser 3 selling well/O.K. compared to the needed efforts for making a solid one.

Imho AR2 was a great platformer and underrated due to the burden of its name. Though i also see why people disliked it (mainly for the missing sim-part). This misunderstanding company <--> costumer needs to be clarified in a sequel... :P

What do you think? Will there ever be a chance of an Actraiser 3 happening or at least a remake like happened with bionic commando?

Greetings :)