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22nd Sep 2015, 18:07

I have recently started playing CM all stars and am enjoying it quite a bit (apart from the fact that my entire league is currently populated with non-active players; not the issue here though!)

I have noticed two issues with the cup system:

1. League Cup; about two weeks ago now, I played my first round in the league cup and won this round; however I did not get through to the second round and noticed that the team I beat in the first round made it to the quarter finals

2. All-star cup; The servers seem to have a big problem processing cup games. I have played several games in the all star cup (quarter final coming up tonight!) and each time there was severe lag i.e it took a long time to connect to the match, and the game then jumped from minute 1 to 9 to 30 and then suddenly to the end of the match, meaning I could not influence my team by making subs or changing tactics during the game.

I'm assuming as both issues are cup related (no issues at all with league games) they are part of the same underlying problem (probably the servers not having enough capacity to handle cup matches as well as league matches)

Just wondering if other people have had the same issues and if Square Enix is aware of this/working on fixes?

Update - yesterdays allstar cup match was played without any issues. Today's was scheduled for 18.21 (gmt) and after 20 minutes is still 'connecting'

22nd Sep 2015, 18:12
One more thing I forgot to add above - I do not seem to be getting bonus silver coins for watching videos at all. This feature works fine on CM15 which I used to play quite a bit! I also noticed there is less videos to watch and earn coins compared to CM15 but this might be deliberate ☺️

24th Sep 2015, 14:02
Hi Swesty,

Welcome to the forums! :)

1. This was a one-off bug issue at the time. Across the servers there were a number of people who the server mistakenly (didn't) put through the League Cup. I'm really sorry to hear you were also affected by this. I'll PM you so we can sort out some form of compensation about that.

2. Hope you managed to get far in the All-Star Cup! Sorry to hear about the problems there too. When did you experience them? I know there were some issues with our server provider, Amazon, over the weekend that led to a lot of connection problems for players. Were your issues around that time or are they a constant and always present?

Have you ever received any bonus coins for watching vids or did it never work?

About the league with non-active players - The system automatically moves non-active players into a separate league so they all play together and groups active players together. What you're experiencing should hopefully only be temporary.

24th Sep 2015, 20:00

Thanks for the response and warm welcome ☺️
Just managed to win my allstar cup for a nice 50-star bonus, definitely worth it! The semi final was scheduled for 18.21 yesterday however but it actually only finished around 21.30 in the end. Today's final had no issues whatsoever so let's hope that's the last time it's causing issues ��

About the bonus coins for watching vids, I don't think they've ever worked for me in all-stars. Downloaded cm16 this morning and there it works fine just like cm15.

Looking forward to the next all star season, already won the league title with 6 games to go (16 played - 48 points - 65 scored 0 against); I'm guessing a bit more of a challenge coming up in 10 days!

While I'm here, one bug I have noticed on both cm15 and 16 is where matches get stuck on a continuous loop of players picking up the ball and clearing away the danger (I can't remember the exact line). This makes that the match takes a lot longer as there is action every 3 seconds rather than the usual 2-10 minute gaps. It happens about 1-3 times a season in cm15 and had it happen once in cm16 (rushed through 1 season)

Seems like I'm mostly complaining but I do really enjoy the cm games (my first was cm2 in I think 1996 or 1997) and all stars is a fun addition to the usual cms - keep up the good work!

25th Sep 2015, 09:15
Congrats on the win! :) I'll keep an eye out for further reports of All Star Cup match issues, but fingers crossed that's the last time you've had to experience them.

I'll also check into the vids on my end to make sure everything is running OK there. Just to confirm - are you on Android or iOS?

The continuous loop issue sounds quite weird and not something I've heard off before. In the CM16 Action Zones tab, is the ball literally in the same area loop the entire time?

No worries about complaining, feedback is always good and help's us improve the games! :)

27th Sep 2015, 11:42
I'm on IOS (9.0 I think). Regarding the loop, I might need to explain a bit further; what happens is that the play keeps going i.e the ball moves - however every 2nd or third 'action' is simply "xxx picks up the ball and scuffs (?) away the danger" or something along those lines. This is even when the ball is on the opponents half and in my possession (hence no danger). The pattern repeats itself until the end of the match, but because there is always an 'action' going on half a match can take up to 8 minutes rather than the usual 2/3. It seems to happen in the second half only and as mentioned about once a season

28th Sep 2015, 11:00
Just had the same issue again in CM16.

The exact phrase that keeps coming up is "<player surname> gets there and snuffs out the danger". It started just after I made a double sub early in the second half of a match. This then keeps coming up each 2nd/3rd/4th 'action' for both me and the other team. It also causes there to be continous description of the match rather than the usual breaks in between.

As mentioned I have seen this in both cm15 and 16.

29th Sep 2015, 17:17
Thanks for the information - I'll pass it on the team!

15th Oct 2015, 17:35
Just to update on the first posts, the league cup and all star cup issues all seem to be resolved - thank you for sorting this out :)