View Full Version : I wasn't able to claim my 10th Level Reaver Reward!

23rd Sep 2014, 17:22
Hope you can help...I clicked on the icon in the inventory screen of my game, and noticed the panel where my Reaver 10th level gift was supposed to be. Instead of showing the gift, a message popped up saying something about unable to "parse" the current gift, or something to that effect, thus causing my gift to not show up at all. Is there a fix to this? It would be nice to see the gift I am supposed to receive for my in game 10th level reward. Could this be awarded and fixed? Thank you!

24th Sep 2014, 12:00
Sorry to hear you've received this error. Please could you report this to the SE Support Centre (https://support.nosgoth.com/system/templates/selfservice/nosgoth/#!portal/1001)- one of their advisors should be able to rectify the issue.