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23rd Sep 2014, 07:07
I just saw this from a friend. She was researching art deco art for a project for art school, I believe. The second I saw the image of this, I instantly did a double take!


If that's not clear evidence that the Sarafan Brotherhood is hidden in our world, I don't know what is! :D

I'm sure it's just one of the many things the original artists used to draw inspiration for the imagery surrounding the Sarafan Brotherhood in the original games, especially since Art Deco was in major use during the years before World War II, and the Sarafan are at least partly based on Nazi Germany, it just made me crack up. XD Here's a link to the building itself in case anyone is interested in reading up on it.


For those who are new to the series by way of Nosgoth, the Sarafan are the Warrior Priest faction that ruled Nosgoth for many centuries off and on. The statue in Sommerdamm is of a Sarafan, and the spear he holds is topped with that same "angel" figure for the spear-point.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v105/pgson/SarafanSymbolOnly.jpg You can see other uses of the imagery scattered around the map here and there if you really know what to look for. :>

Just something that amused me and I thought I'd share with everyone else. ;>

24th Sep 2014, 12:30
Ahhhhhhh run for the hills - they're coming to kill us all!!!!!!! :p :D

24th Sep 2014, 15:56
Yeah, it's pretty interesting :) this was posted a way back on the Eidos forums though.

24th Sep 2014, 16:26
Ask the architect "What inspired this amazing design?"

-"You know, it just came to me one day."

Then you notice the LOK tattoo on their arm

24th Sep 2014, 19:58
Ask the architect "What inspired this amazing design?"

-"You know, it just came to me one day."

Then you notice the LOK tattoo on their arm

Correction you notice the Sarafan symbol on his arm - http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111121212808/legacyofkain/images/7/7f/BO2-Texture-LC-Sarafan.png

27th Sep 2014, 19:20
Except the building was built long before LOK was even thought of.

28th Sep 2014, 07:23
I haven't been on the Eidos forums in FOREVER, that's too bad. XD I just saw it and instantly thought of you guys. :D

And CrimCarnage, yes, we know. It's an Art-Deco-era utilities plant, it was built probably close to 100 years ago. It's just a joke.