View Full Version : MISC. Thoughts after last update and then some

21st Sep 2015, 23:31
Firstly why u call it Talent Tree .. where is this TREE u speak off .
The new Perks are cool in the variety to choose from but i notice that the can be ...useless ..
for example .. More Ammo for Scout it gives only 1 i said ONE arrow more ( on warbow u have 5 with perk 6 ) .. so garbage

Im still waiting for Tyrant to heave some more RAGE and BEAST in his skills ..
like for example biting a dude with another dude ( Like HULK did something like that with Loki ) smashing and waving like a whip dealing dmg and knocking all surrounding enemies
also i would like to see some projectile skill in Tyrant like he would rip a chunk of the ground and roll it at the enemy like bowling ball
Or for Throw skill act like that, instead of throwing this human god knows where he would aim it in the humans like at the bowling pins ;p

also in my opinion Scout have way to much ZOOM . i cant see or "feel" if some one is RIGHT BESIDE ME when i have my bow drawn to max

also i would like to see a new human class with some cool looking Musket .. or just add new set of BLACK POWDER weapons to existing class like Musket for Scout , 2 Barrel pistol shotgun for Vanguard .