View Full Version : Max causing disasters? or Disasters causing Max's powers? [Spoilers]

18th Sep 2015, 20:16
The title sums it up. Do you think that The disasters (snow, eclipse, whales, birds, double moon) are causing max's powers? or that max's powers are causing the disasters to happen?

My personal opinion, I wonder if Max is getting these powers because of things that are messing up in the world around max, and max just happens to be someone who can control her place in time. Why else would she have these powers after her premonition on the opening scene? Her first use of the rewind power is after the premonition.

23rd Sep 2015, 07:00
At the moment, anything could be a possible explanation for Max's powers and the disasters. Some people say that Arcadia Bay gave Max her powers to try and prevent the storm, others believe that a person is responsible: Rachel, Chloe, Mr. Jefferson. Same with the disasters, some people think it's Arcadia Bay's warning, other people believe that it's the consequence of Max's alternation of the timeline then this links with the "Chloe has to die" theory and Mr. Jefferson having powers, being the guardian of time and wanting to correct the timeline theory or that him and the Prescotts actually seek the destruction of Arcadia Bay and Max needs to stop them using her powers.

It's all very complicated and could literally swing any way.