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18th Sep 2015, 11:18

So I aluded to this topic in many other threads, but I wanted to have all my thoughts in one easy to read post.
So here we go:

The Inventory and Item system in Nosgoth needs a major overhaul. Over playtime the inventory grows into an confusing and inconsistent mess that needs adressing.

1) Item Status:
What is an "Item"? The old system of Perks made it necessary to have them as items, alongside special abilities and the sort. But what else is an item?
At the moment, everything is an item that isnt Gold or Runestones. There are at least 3 Types of "item" that do not need to be one:
1) The new Talents
2) Banners
3) Runestone Vouchers
Additionally, I think these types could be reworked in the UI in such a way, that a physical item in your inventory is also not required:
4) Skins
5) Executions
-> Skins and Executions could be worked into the UI in such a way that they get unlocked. At the moment, sadly, you can accumilate multiple skins of the same type, which could be used for trading later on. So this point I will concede, but it leads me to my other point:

2) Inconsistensies:
Some items are not deletable, like Banners and Skins. However some skins can be deleted. Ironically, the skins you buy with Runestones can be deleted, Banners you get for free (and amass multiple copies of) will clutter your inventory forever. I even heard you can delete the "original" original Summoner skin, if you bought the class before the default Skin change, making it impossible to play the class because no skin is available.
You also cannot delete Name Tags.

SIDEBAR: Name Tags are the single most useless item in the game. What is their purpose? I use them to mark my ESL abilities, but for normal players these are just.. nothing really. All they do is take up space.

3) Boosters
a) Booster do not need to be recharged. Just delete them automatically when they expire.
b) Boosters should be removed from the inventory proper, and moved to the little Booster menu at the bottom left.
c) The menu should feature a proper display as to what each booster is and how long it will run for.

At the moment, when you want to activate a specific booster, you need to jump through multiple hoops:
1) Go to the Inventory and select Boosters Only
2) Count the boosters from top left to bottom right and remember the number of the booster you want to activate.
3) Open the Booster selection menu
4) Count to the number you remembered earlier, but BACKWARDS (bottom right to top left) and activate it.

Quick fix: Let us activate boosters through the Inventory proper.

4) Runestone Vouchers
Instead of having them as trash items, move them into the Store screen and add a timer with a discount applied to it.
If you unlock a greater discount it will be overridden, if you gain the same voucher again, the timer resets. Easy as that.
Please feel free to add to this list.

18th Sep 2015, 11:31
I'll repost my thoughts from the other thread about inventory improvements.

In addition to moving the perks out of the inventory, I'd like to see a hide duplicates option. Anything you have more than one of, just stick an "x2", "x3" etc, in front of the icon to say that you have 2 or 3 of the item and so on.

Perhaps weapons and abilities could be displayed as a tree view as well. For example, alchemist would have Hand Cannon, Fullbore Cannon, Multi Cannon and Viscous Cannon and then each icon has an expand function that shown all the different copies of that weapon individually. Maybe with uncanny, arcane and mysterious as further sub-groupings.

In addition, I think consumables should be on a separate page from equipment.

18th Sep 2015, 18:14
I think this clean up is on the way. The banners can be accessed from a pull out tab on your profile pic in bot left, the booster menu is the, perks and skins can be seen via armory.