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17th Sep 2015, 11:56
This topic is starter for a new idea that I hope will get further brainstorming from seasoned Nosgoth players, to help the new players to get in to the game, by giving them tools to train the basic skills, abilities and strategy that is required to win a Nosgoth game as an individual and as a team.

In a nutshell I have envisioned "Nosgoth challenges" to be a separate tab under the "Play" button, it's a place where you will be able to train abilities and strategy in a fun way, and would possibly include leaderboards. This is supposed to be a continuation to the tutorials that only go through few abilities, and only really teaches you how to use them, not when to use them and how to use them properly.

One thing I want to make clear is that the official maps and common map positions should be used in most challenges, to ensure that what the player learns or trains here is easily applied to the actual games.

Depending on the challenge you should have infinite uses on your abilities and the training should be fast paced, one of the reason why it takes a long time to learn Nosgoth is that you only get to use your abilities few times each match. This has gotten even worse now when the games end sooner, only giving you a short period of chance to play the second round if you end up losing the first one badly.

I would like to see the challenges having different tiers of difficulty, where the hardest difficulty would have leaderboards and the scoring would depend on the type of the challenge. Ie. who can stay alive the longest, who is the fastest, and so on. I would also like to see the players being rewarded in gold and experience according to their time and performance on the challenge, so that no one feels like they are wasting time and the whole experience feels as rewarding as possible.

I will start with an idea myself, I have many more on my mind but I don't want to spend my whole day typing this up in one go, and I'm interested to see what ideas others have.

Bola/Hex/Knives vampire ability counter challenge:

An open spot on an official map would be chosen, you would have a circle in which you have to stay in, large enough to dodge around in.
At lower levels of the challenge, the vampires would come in one by one, teaching how to counter each vampire class, for example sentinels flying for an abduct in straight line that you have to either dodge or hex/bola. Tyrants would jump at the circle, deceiver would come invisible towards you and you need to listen carefully and see the footsteps on the ground.
The higher difficulty tiers would include faster pace, vampires moving and coming in an angle, and mixed classes of vampires.
The top tier of this challenge could include all types of vampires coming at you with gradually increasing pace, the challenge would end once you get hit, you would score extra points for shooting the vampires while dodging and disabling them. Your final score would take place in a leaderboard that would have a daily/weekly/monthly reward for the best score.

17th Sep 2015, 22:08
this sounds more like an improved tutorial than an actual challenge.

in there own way they HAVE challenges already with the trophies you can get in the game. kill 50 with this or that and you get a trophy yes you might unlock it without really knowing but for people like myself and others we purposely keep going and going to get that trophy, thus automatically improving your skill.

your idea sounds good but it still sounds more like a better tutorial.

perhaps in the tutorial section they could have practice areas rather than just ONE section dedicated to learning the basics.

maybe they drop you in a little hub area and you can activate the "throw knives tutorial" or the "throw knives practice" etc. for each class. plus it would be neat if each class had their own specific hub area.

the vampires have their clan territory

the humans have a big refuge camp.

18th Sep 2015, 04:39
I like your idea. I don't know if Psyonix will want to take the time to script vampire behavior for these challenges, but then again they might. I guess they could use the ghouls for stand-ins in the beginning.

Something I could imagine would be a mentor lobby where the mentor was compensated somehow, maybe with a rating system that functions like Uber taxi services. I'd take the time to show people functionality if I was compensated for every 10 or 20 minutes I was practicing skills with someone 1 on 1 or with spectators. Make a daily limit of 200-300 gold over the course of 2 or 3 hours. People might farm it, maybe not, but it could also be a public place to chat and find people to group with.

18th Sep 2015, 11:54
I love the idea!

Doubt they will invest the production time though. This takes a lot of effort away from things wed like to be done more urgently. Usually community members would do some very simple training maps but we dont have an SDK nor simple access to the console to spawn us stuff...

With this in mind:
Can we do ultra simple "conveyor belt" style loops?
Endless loops of simple bots spawning over and over. Like tyrant jumping in on the map and land, despawns, next tyrant. Every 3-4 seconds you can practise your [whatever] from different angles or just see his damage on your face.

And endless sentinels doing the simple grab in straight line and maybe some pro flight path with speed boost. All just for aiming purpose. And the learning of the sound cues. The sent would not be able to actually grab, only just fly in and despawn for the next.

And endless deceivers going into disguise, so you see them actually doing smoke trails and hear the grunting. Then they get visible.

And reavers with savage pounce to dodge or bola etc.

And summoners tossing in their bolts and strikes. So you get an idea of how to evade and where damage is done.

Really just ultra simple automated lines.

For humans they would just run with a couple groups of 4 through the map along a path. So you get an idea for aiming your abilities to most effect. No AI involved, just run, get hit, despawn.

I think this would help a lot of people getting a grip on the game and the production time would be minimized. Even vets could easily practise stuff theyd need a teammate for.