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16th Sep 2015, 16:47
I feel there may be a place for another vampire disabling ability and there are several classes that are candidates for such a thing. Psyonix does a good job with giving each disable ability a unique functionality. Bola doesn't slow movement but removes the ability to climb. Hex reduces movement speed by 50% but a vamp can still climb. Dominate Mind, in a way, disables both the vampire and the human but inflicts damage if it gets to run its full duration and has the benefit of moving a target to a new desired position or forcing a fall from a high spot.

I also have a feeling that Psyonix doesn't want to give vampires a ranged, instant damage ability that could kill a nearly dead human (health < 300) with little danger. Air Strike comes close, but it can be dodged relatively easily depending on proximity. I doubt Hellstrike is going to be anywhere near its former glory or even decent for a long time (in fact I think Summoner is a pretty boring class now but that's a topic for another thread). So, when that nearly dead human is making a run for it, you're not a deceiver, and he has cover from team mates, making that kill is difficult.

So a disabling ability would be an interesting option here, one that isn't Dominate Mind. Since I'm also discussing having a unique functionality different from the other three, I'll keep that in mind.

Fear Bomb - A supernatural grenade/globe that forces humans in the affected area to sprint at 150% speed in the direction they are facing or random directions for 2 seconds. Unique in the fact that it's an area of effect disable and moves targets around similar to Dominate Mind.

Concussive Blow - A precise punch to the head of a human that knocks them to the ground for 3 or 4 seconds. While on the ground, they are out of normal melee attack height but could be hit with other abilities like Choking Haze, Pounce, Hellstrike, etc.. After the concussion ends, they stand up as normal. Unique in the way that it's a disabler that has to be delivered at melee range. Why is this better than Throw? The duration they are disabled will be slightly longer and would need to not have the long completion time that Throw has. Just hit them and move on to your target.

Machine Curse - A curse that disables the use of machine weapons for 3 seconds with a fast casting animation in the area of effect similar to Arrow Volley size. This would not prevent humans from using melee strikes, scout bows, vanguard axes, but would disable Explosive Shot, Blinding Shot, Turret, Trap, and Hex Shot (fired from gun). This might go in the Abyssal Barrier slot. Unique in that it is the only ability that would disable most human ranged weaponry. Could make a nice escape ability if it were instantly castable.

This is all I have thought of for the moment. I'll likely edit this post later if anything else comes to mind. If anyone else has any ideas they'd like to add, feel free to post and I'll edit this post and give you credit.

16th Sep 2015, 23:53
Why is Dominate Mind not good enough? That near-death human is making a run for it, you have no Deceivers in play...So he gets away, covered by his team because they utilized coordination and successful teamwork. As it should be. Not every class should be capable of doing every thing. Ideally, you'd have ways to break that cover fire. Shadow Bombs, Charges, Kidnaps...But if your team can't organize that then the human's earned his escape.

That aside, your suggestions here lack internal logic. Fear Bomb? How is a bomb meant to force a flight response? It's just a bomb. Such an effect is far better suited to the Deceiver's mind-bending capabilities. And moving it to the Deceiver creates the issue of it being little more than an obviously-superior version of Dominate Mind.

Machine Curse? Curses are an effect of magic. Machines are...Well, machines. A curse disabling machines makes no sense. The Summoner casting curses also makes little sense. They aren't curse-flingers. They don't have tomes of spells. Their magic is derived from an alternate realm and geared largely toward support and defensive measures, not sabotage. If such a thing were to be implemented, it would fit better on a Rahabim class given the clan's liquid projectiles. And making it an AoE seems too much if it disables all but two classes - one of which I haven't seen played in ages.

17th Sep 2015, 05:30

Ok, thanks.

18th Sep 2015, 18:09
I wouldn't give vampires too many more stuns/disables, since it can be possible to totally stunlock humans already, and are often accompanied by high damage, unlike human stuns. I'll address your ideas anyways though

The fear idea could be good, but I feel the best implementation would be Humans sprint directly away from the center of the aoe, to keep it predictable and avoid issues of dice luck interfering. However I don't think the reaver needs a 3rd thrown bomb, since the 2 it has need to be brought back up. I would still like a 3rd skill for that slot.

The Tyrant doesn't need any more disables, I'll leave it at that.

When the summoner was teased, I had an idea focusing on their necromantic aspect that caused human equipment to decay (rust, rot whatever) to reduce the effectiveness of weapons and Armor (increasing melee damage done basically). But not totally deactivate them.