View Full Version : Changes To 7 Day Rentals

14th Sep 2015, 17:17
As you can see from our blogs and patch notes over the course of time, Nosgoth has undergone a lot of changes, additions, tweaks and more. We’ve come a long way, but as part of our Beta process, we’re always working on more upcoming content and features, but also tweaks to existing ones. Today, we’d like to share a bit of information on a change that’s coming up to our store.

With an update we’re prepping at the moment, we’ll be putting in a few adjustments to how the game handles rentals of Weapons and Abilities. When the update is released (we’re aiming for next week) you will be able to rent each Weapon or Ability for 7 days, once. This still allows you to try out a weapon or ability to see if you like it in practice (in a match), as that’s the best way to test a new item out, but the rental option expires after that for that item. That 7 day rental period will give you an idea of whether or not you’d like to own it permanently, or if you aren’t interested in that item.

Some weapons and abilities will be made available for free through the Tutorial, so once you complete the class tutorial you’ll receive a rental version of that item you can try out, as well as enough gold to purchase another 7-day rental of your choice. The free Tutorial rewards don’t affect the store, so if you got an item through the Tutorial, you’ll be able to rent that once as well. Please note the one-time rental applies per currency type, so if you for instance rented an item for Runestones, you’ll still be able to rent it once for Gold as well.

For the standard permanent purchase, we’re not making any adjustments to that will continue to operate exactly as it has done until now, and both the Gold and Runestone prices will remain unchanged.

Stay tuned for this game update, which should hit later this week.