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1st Oct 2012, 11:23
Hi Square, thank you for the great game guardian cross, but the current tornament system; i think it's very crazy. People who joined the game later, even if they invested alot of real cash in it, they have no chance to win any almighty cards, since those who won the previous tourney keep holding the top positions, thanks to the 5 star card they won in the previous games and since they started earlier, their almighty cards are already level 60!!!!! Can u see where this is going? By the 3rd tourney, players who joined later has 0 chance to win! Even if they invested few thousand dollars. It's impossible to win! Can you make it in a way that those who already got almighty cards cannot participate? Make a seperate tourney for them, so that other players have a chance to win almighty cards. But if you guys are vampire suckers for players $, u can leave the system as it is. It's a broken system where new players are at a losing end.

1st Oct 2012, 14:51
First off the game just started so maximum any one person is ahead of you is 3 weeks. People complain about this issue in every game that has PVP, give it some time and I am sure the 3 weeks you lost will even out and remember that there are newer people starting every day that you can pound on to boost your rank. Plus the people that already have all the best stuff will get bored and stop playing. The people who hang in there will become the legends of the Colliseum.

Second Almighty cards are only about 10% better then Mightys which are 10% better then 5 star cards so having one in the deck is not a deal breaker. They still only take two full hits from any lvl 55 card to kill just like any other 5 star card. And they can still kill any card with one hit just like the other 5 star cards.

Third is that as you enter the Colliseum it states that some of the enemies you encounter are Computer generated. So dont get all distressed about catching up to Mr. Jones when the computer made him to be better then you. Chances are there are not that many people out there with a full deck of 5 star cards...

Finally go ahead and put some money into the game the developers deserve a little compensation for putting it together but dont go crazy and dont expect putting money into the game to actually boost your rank much. Once you have a full deck of 4 stars max level real money stops speeding things up.

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2nd Oct 2012, 00:25
Looks like you are still new; because you said not many out there has deck of 5 star cards. I'm into my 1st week and i have 3x 5 star cards, with 2 at level 60. I'm still struggling to hOld my b+ position. Can u see how bad it is? Or are you blind?

2nd Oct 2012, 10:46
But the opponents we are fighting are computer generated...there is always going to be someone better then you out there, thats the way its programed, its the psycology of the game that keeps you playing...

Just enjoy it and stop getting upset about it.