View Full Version : Almighty Levi - Have a problem

1st Oct 2012, 07:08
Hello this is my first time in here so i dont know if i should be posting this here

well my problem is that i participated in the 2nd coliseum games on beginner and got rank 96 at the end i was really excited thinking that i was going to get "Almighty Levi" but instead i got "Mighty Levi" i dont know if this is a mistake or what but the rewards for S+ and S were "Almighty Levi" so i dont really get why i got "Mighty Levi"

1st Oct 2012, 08:17
Actually, I think the reward was listed as a Mighty Leviathan for the Beginner coliseum, while the Official reward was an Almighty Titan.
If I'm right in remembering, there isn't a problem.

Pretty nice feat, though, so congrats!

1st Oct 2012, 08:38
Yes for the beginners there were no Almighty, only Mighty.