View Full Version : FFXIV: Can i buy with paypal, a time card online and get the code ASAP online?

15th Sep 2014, 05:44
I have a headset now so you can understand why I want to give this game another chance. I want to purchase a Playstation 4 Final Fantasy Realm Reborn time card and have the code sent to me via email. I've been searching the net now for about an hour, this was easier to do with WoW cards. The Enix Shop says they ship it to you....Lame box.

I need the code able to be purchased with paypal. And I am wanting it tonight, the minute I pay for it. Please send me in the right way if you know where I can find these.

15th Sep 2014, 09:32
This (http://store.markeedragon.com/catalog/Final_Fantasy_14_A_Realm_Reborn_60_Day_Gamecard_.html) is the store I personally use.