View Full Version : Microcontrol points

14th Sep 2015, 02:52
Hi everyone.
Recently I was leveling Deceivers Domination Mind and noticed that I'm loosing a lot of score bcz of dealing less damage and killing less humans then in other loadout. However this microcontrol skill is very usefull and in general it making ur team win.
The point is that nevertheless u are capable of leading ur team to win, u are still get less points in the score board after match. This leads to very long and sweltering leveling of this skill.
So maybe it is right to gain some more experience for microcontrol skills? Like count all the seconds the enemy was controlled by u and give some fixed amount of score points for that.
That should work not only for deceivers or even not only for vamps. Every microcontrol like knockdown (and maybe even stagger) should be counted. It will help people to better understand their contribution into the battle. And also it'll help people to level some sort of microcontrol skills, especially if new control-skills will be introduced for existing or for
developing future classes.