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13th Sep 2015, 20:27
Hello everybody!

I found weird thing in Life Is Strange. Remember Chloe's 3000 dollars debt? She borrowed the money from Frank Bowers and stated that she has done that to escape with Rachel. It was kind of weird, as the Rachel was already gone for almost 5 months, because she went missing in April and Chloe borrowed the money on 30/09/2013 (according to Frank's notebook).
I was wondering what would she use the money for? I recalled that there was a repair bill in her room in Episode 1. I checked the bill and found out, that it almost exactly 3000 dollars - 3006,2 to be exact. It was an estimation of Chloe's car repair. BUT... I took a deep look at the whole bill and found out that the date on it was 17/10/2013. First I thought that as it is an estimation, the repair would take place at 17th of October, BUT... I took a look at the signature of the person who made the bill - next to the signature there was also a date: 17 October 2013. How is that possible, as the first day in game is Monday, 10th of October? It cannot be a mistake as in my opinion there is a little chance of miswriting the correct month. It is clearly not possible to have this kind of bill, unless Chloe is a time traveler too. WHat do you think about this situation? Do you think it is some kind of game mistake, or is it a clue?
What is more, when digging through documents, I found out that Rachel wrote a letter to Frank on the paper from the same AutoRepair company. Where did she get it from?

It would be great if you share your thoughts about it.


16th Sep 2015, 16:28
Great catch! I'm not sure what it means, though. Did she discover her time travelling ability in the future, then travel back just to borrow $3,000 dollars? Why hang on to the estimate? Did Max travel back and convince Chloe to borrow $3,000 from Frank with a signed car repair estimate from the future? It seems like such a weird plot point and really stretches believability.

Here's a picture of the estimate, and the template it was based on if you're curious about the blurry text.

19th Sep 2015, 21:40
Hi shaialai.

THanks for the reply. That's a weird plot indeed. There are many possible explanations. Maybe there are more time travelers? Maybe Chloe is hiding something?

I'm wondering is there any connection between AutoRepair, Chloe and Rachel? As I mentioned in the 1st post, Rachel wrote her letter to Frank on a piece of paper from the same AutoRepair as Chloe's estimation. Were both girls visiting the place?


20th Sep 2015, 11:57
Or perhaps it's just the date when she has to pay?

20th Sep 2015, 15:50
I've been thinking about it in the first place, but please consider below:
First of all, the document is saying "Estimation". If it would be the date when she would have to pay, the document should be something more than just an estimation sheet, as estimation does not obligate Chloe to pay. It should either be some kind of invoice or something similar.
Second of all, in the signature section you are always writing in the date when you are signing some kind of document (I was writing about it in the first post). Therefore, either someone put the wrong date next to the signature (small chance of being wrong for whole week or more, I would understand one-day mistake), or the document comes from the future.
What do you think?


21st Sep 2015, 12:42
Great observation. I didn't notice this myself. Either it's just somekind of mistake or it's another really strange thing going on in Arcadia Bay.