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12th Sep 2014, 19:25
Hey everyone, first of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the right topic to say this, but I've a problem, I want to buy FF7 PC alright, but neither I or anyone from my family use Visa, so I can't buy the game (In World Of Warcraft) for example, I'm from Chile, I pay with a system call "Dineromail" (Moneymail), so, there's another way to pay this fantastic game?. :)

8th Dec 2014, 13:12
About the PC-Steam version:
The music was updated to the original PSX tracks AFTER all the people complained a lot to Square-Enix (lazy guys).
The game resolution has been upscaled to 1920x1080 and textures (3D) are filtered, what makes 3D graphics (mapworld, battles) pretty decent if you ask me, but Square-Enix is sooooo lazy (again) that didn't take the time to FILTER the 2D BACKGROUNDS (Thing that already has been made by the community with MODS for the PC version) so you just see a lot of GIGANTIC pixels in the backgrounds (this wasn't a problem with those old blury TV's of the 90's, you couldn't see the pixels back then) so it's kind of dissapointing, you've got some decent 3D and some horrible 2D, back in the days the experience was much better.
What it makes this really bad, it's that this issue could be fixed with a little work, but square seems to don't give a ****.

30th Dec 2014, 01:00
i bought my version of ff7 some time ago and want to install it on my new system ive logged in and downloaded it but how do i get the serial number its now asking for?

1st Jan 2015, 17:58
Hello guys,

i have bought this game a few minutes ago from steam and I have registered a few times because even after registration and confirmation of my accounts I can't login (That's why I made a few accounts...).

So I would be looking really forward for any solutions.

12th Jun 2015, 15:15
Hi, just bought Final Fantasy 7 on Steam and it made me sign up for one of these accounts.

Fine I have, but now it says my account is unconfirmed, and clicking Resend Confirmation Email either on this site or in the FF7 installer does absolutely nothing. I have checked every folder in my emails and it has been a few hours now.

So just wondering if this is some kind of bug or are the servers down or something. I really just want to play Final Fantasy 7.

12th Jun 2015, 16:13
i have same problem...

12th Jun 2015, 17:02
Contact customer support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=1379&la=2) about this, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

15th Jun 2015, 00:34
I cannot believe what I have had to deal with trying to PLAY YOUR GAME. I made an account, linked it to my steam account and still have yet to see a "confirm your account" email. How hard is it to set that up to automatically send out? Most people have said that it takes a whole 24 HOURS, that is absolutely absurd. There is absolutely no reason that something like this should take 24 hours to send. Half of the time it doesn't even work. Why not just let players just log in from the launcher for the damn game? Hell for that matter why not just make sure that the confirmation email sends at a reasonable time! Completely unacceptable Square.

17th Jun 2015, 16:45
heck i have two accounts on here as when i started up ff7 it made me sign up for an account and so i have two now and have not gottten a confermnation email about either one
and also i cant change the one that the launcher is linked to so i dont know if i can play that account abnd i have tried uninstalling it and re downloading it but that didnt clear anything

17th Jun 2015, 17:17
i agree on the comments above.
this is absolutely unacceptable.
I tried 3 different email providers recommended by forums like gmail, gmx and hotmail. none of them worked for me
i spent 2 hours and 7 € for ******* nothing.
that´s how you make money guys

17th Jun 2015, 18:02
Same here, bought the game securely through steam so should NOT have to log in to play the game, especially if you cannot provide a proper service. Customer support chat is now offline so I guess I will be waiting +24 hours for an automated response?!

18th Jun 2015, 01:32
unbelievable, it's 2015 and SE can't figure out how to send an e-mail

18th Jun 2015, 02:00
well i finally got the email after a few hours but i didnt get just one i got one for this name and another for the name i had to pick for ff7 and i dont know weather i should do both or just the one for this account