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12th Sep 2014, 12:17
Hello everyone!
Not sure if this is the appropriate section, but I guess it's some sort of guide.
Anyway, I was wondering whether there is a page that enlists every Vampire's default movement speed, attack damage, attack range etc. From what I've seen, stats differ from one Vampire to the other (for example I feel Reaver is faster, Tyrant hits harder etc). Is this in my head, or is it indeed so? And if it is so, is there any place where I can find them?


12th Sep 2014, 13:55
Most of this info has not been officially released to us by Psyonix, sadly, and it's something most of us would like to know!

What we do know is the Vampire's damages. Reaver 180, Sentinel 200, Deceiver 205, Tyrant 225. You are correct each Vampire attacks at a different speed, and although we have no official numbers we do know who attacks the fastest/slowest. The Reaver attacks the fastest and the Tyrant attacks the slowest, in between them I think the Sentinel and the Deceiver attack roughly the same speed (not exactly sure) but neither is faster/slower than the Reaver/Tyrant. As far as Damage Per Second goes, I believe the Deceiver has the highest and the Tyrant has the lowest, with Reaver and Sentinel falling somewhere between them. Range does make a big difference (but we don't have any official numbers), as well as the attack animation/hitbox for each attack (Tyrant for example is just terrible here), but it's hard to rate them "on paper" based on those things.

12th Sep 2014, 18:24
So looking at your post Corey, I did up these calculations on attacks per second:

Reaver: 285/185 is 1.5405 attacks per second
Tyrant: 263/225 is 1.168
Deceiver: 278/200 is 1.39
Sentinel: 270/200 is 1.35.

Now since your numbers were released Reaver and Deceiver damage has been tweaked so new dps would be

Reaver: 180*1.504 is 270
Deceiver: 205*1.39 is 285.

So Deceiver now has best melee before applying haste or enrage.

EDIT: Damage while using haste and enrage:

Reaver: 180*(1.504*1.25) is 338
Tyrant minimum enrage: (225*1.29)*1.168 is 339
Tyrant max enrage: (225*1.5)*1.168 is 394.2

Some quick math I did awhile ago on vampire damage. I don't believe attack speed or damage has changed since then.