View Full Version : Leagues level requirement and VOIP

12th Sep 2015, 23:43
Okay.. we (old players) have basicly the same problem which is throwing us in team with 10-20lvl guys with no skill or teamwork whatsoever. Its even more annoying than EU player play on NA server with 150ping. Guys.. you have to make leagues with 50lvl requirment (or 25 in one vampire and one human class). Its MANDATORY because those guys think: Oh man! im gonna play some leagues! And thats fine and all but you wont get a proper job without school right? You have to LEARN first and then go with the big guys in matches. Players like me have no power after countless waits in lobby, to deal with these players. Its NOT MY LEVEL, what cant you understand about it?

Second thing is ingame VOIP. Some russian guy is sitting over there, in leagues with 10lvl and 12h of gameplay and tries to lead a team. That GOOD actually but when this guy speaks RUSSIAN, spam and cry every second it gets to you after few seconds. I dont even mention of quality of this abomination of voice chat.
"hey man! Stop pressing this stupid G button! I cant hear approaching deceivers!"
"JAP TWOJA BLAC, ble ble ble russian something"
So... in conclusion: Make leagues solo 50lvl only and remove VOIP from game.

14th Sep 2015, 11:05
I don't think that lobbies should be reserved exclusively for people who are level 50. Yes, it's annoying to play with people much lower then you who don't know how to do what you do as well, but level 50 is far too restrictive. As someone who's level 50 myself and at this point only have 3 classes that aren't level 25, I know there aren't enough of us to populate the servers if they were filled with people that were only level 50, and everyone should be allowed to play.

Maybe a level 10 minimum, the same as there is for the New Recruit matches, yes, but not completely locking it out for anyone not level 50.

Also, the Voice chat in the game shouldn't be removed, but it does need to be refined, and we need an "ignore" option for people who get out of hand. If it worked better, people would use it more often, and we'd have less trouble with the only people you hear on it being the jerks. It's an important tool in communicating with your team when it's done properly, and especially since we have lower-level players in the game, it's something that should stay. Not everyone wants to stop doing everything so they can take 10seconds of precious time to type out something in the chat.