View Full Version : Melodies of Life ENGLISH. Which album?

12th Sep 2014, 00:32
I have the digital itunes version of Melodies of Life , sung in English, from the itunes version of Final fantasy ix original soundtrack. The itunes version is just like the end credits with Melodies of Life (english)) which fades into the Final Fantasy theme

I decided to officially purchase a hard copy (Both square enix 10009-12 and the original limited). I thought the reprint was going to have the full english version like it does on itunes. I was wrong. They are both in Jappanese.

It's great that itunes put up the English version of Melodies of life for the US itunes store version of its original soundtrack. Yet, it's a bummer that all hard copies (compact discs) are in jappanese.

Does the IX:uematsu best selection have Emiko singing it in English or is it the same jappanese version, and does it include the fade in of the final fantasy theme?

Is the only way to get a hard copy of Melodies of Life sung in English is to purchase Emiko's single album?

LOL. I'm going end up with lots of duplicates here since I already have 2, now going on my third copy. It is a waste of money, but it is kind of cool to have a piece of video gaming history.

13th Sep 2014, 08:49
I got the answer to my question thanks to an Amazon.com reviewer.

The English version of Melodies of Life, heard verbatim just like the end of the game with the Final Fantasy song, can be found on iX: UEMATSU ' S BEST SELECTION.