View Full Version : Corners and columns buggy during Tyrant charge

9th Sep 2014, 22:27
Hello, just wanted to say that corners and especially columns are horrible during Tyrant charge. I don't mean they stop me, it's like I hit it and it cycles in the same spot or goes a completely random direction. Character stutters kind of like when it lags but it's not lagging.

9th Sep 2014, 23:17
Yeah, I´ve noticed this as well - happens a lot in Siege too, where he gets stopped by corners of the "cannon"...

10th Sep 2014, 01:30
Speaking of problem with corners...sometimes when i'm dragging a body, i get stuck on the corners and entry of doors. (To not get stuck it has to be a wide turn far from corner, but most times i'm running away from shots...so instinctively i make the sharpest turn, get stuck and die haha)
Anyone else get this?

18th Nov 2014, 19:53
I just had this happen to me in a game, Basically i was trying to charge from the roof to the ground and it kept charging to the side of the edge, very weird.