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28th Sep 2012, 15:06

And the Community Manager said: "Let there be RPs"
("...you're free to role-play on these forums in the game relevant area on threads you create. Groups aren't required for RP." )

So let ol' Johnny introduce you to the Ultimate SQUARE ENIX Crossover RP Thread!
-JRPG - Johnny Reborn Playing Game-

-Advertisement- (http://semna17.webs.com/Johnny_Advertisment.png)

Johnny: "Welcome, welcome to my Fiiiiiinal Fantastic bar!

This is a savanna in the dry desert of gaming for anyone who just wanna take a break and discuss the SQUENRA Company in general. It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from - as long as you have some sort of connection to said company that is (otherwise I might not recognize you!).

No underage drinking, follow the forum rules (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/announcement.php?a=1), and most importantly: enjoy your stay!

Oh, I almost forgot: Wanna know more about me? Then you can read up on the facts right here. (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/)

The drinks are on the house! (For a limited time.)"


-The Tale of a Johnny Reborn-

Johnny ran a café that sat along the avenue. It was a simple establishment; all he did was lay out tables and chairs on the empty lot, and set up an open-air stand where he could do some simple cooking. He called the café "Johnny's Heaven." It was named after "Seventh Heaven," a diner-bar that used to be in Midgar's Sector Seven slums. Johnny had been in love with the bartender there, a girl named Tifa. Johnny waited six days a week for anyone to show up who might listen to his tale of love and hope.



squareenixmembers.webs.com/Food_and_Drin... (http://squareenixmembers.webs.com/Food_and_Drink.htm)
www.paselabo.tv/luidas_bar/index.html (http://www.paselabo.tv/luidas_bar/index.html)
www.jp.square-enix.com/artnia/ (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/artnia/)
blog.jp.square-enix.com/goods/kuma/2012/... (http://blog.jp.square-enix.com/goods/kuma/2012/11/artnia.html)
blog.jp.square-enix.com/goods/kuma/2012/... (http://blog.jp.square-enix.com/goods/kuma/2012/11/artnia-1.html)
blog.jp.square-enix.com/goods/kuma/2012/... (http://blog.jp.square-enix.com/goods/kuma/2012/11/artnia-2.html)
eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/loading-bar-h... (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/loading-bar-hitman-absolution-cocktail)

-Top Seven Most Popular Dishes & Drinks-
1. Shinra Coffee (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160146001)
2. Shinra Pancakes (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160154700)
3. Buster Sword Parfait (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160157487)
4. Potion (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160149740)
5. Materia Cocktail (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160152750)
6. Shiva Cocktail (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160150325)
7. Flan Juice (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/160148706)


King of the Winter Crystal (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/JH_Trophy_Winter_Crystal_13.png) (Snowman) - Snow
Pizza Princess - Prishe
Speed of Light - Lightning

Chocobo Days Winners
johonnysheaven.webs.com/Chocobo_Days.htm (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Chocobo_Days.htm)

Halloween Contest Winners
johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2010.h... (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2010.htm)
johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2011.h... (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2011.htm)
johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.h... (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.htm)


Travels - A Sentimental Journey (http://www.espritduo.com/Mognet/mohnnya1.htm)
Travels - To Be Young Again (http://www.espritduo.com/Mognet/mohnnyb1.htm)


Johnny: "Come on, don't be shy now...pretty please?" :3

You are free to use any (and as many) SQUARE ENIX characters as you see fit (even Johnny). No character is restricted to one and the same person, for example: there can be many people taking turns with Cloud Strife, Lara Croft, Xerxes Break, Grell Sutcliff, etc. at one and the same time. However, try to stay in character.

Johnny's bar is a magic place that connects to all worlds (through painstakingly archaeologically excavated spoon tunnels), so the only limit is your fantasy!

Feel free to drop by whenever you feel like it. The bar is open six days a week.

Well then, I wish you the best of luck. See you around!
*Grimoire has more important matters to tend to...*

Johnny: "...Oi, oi!? You're just gonna leave?! Just like that?! Aren't you supposed to...he left. I'm all alone..."

*tumbleweed blows by*
Stage Mission: Who will be Johnny's first customer? And how will he live up to their expectations?

28th Sep 2012, 21:21
Johnny-kins!!! You're back in business??? :D

Cloud: apologizing in advance...

:already jumping the bar and making something to drink:

28th Sep 2012, 21:29
I knew it was just a matter of time before this happened. Nice to see Johnny's place back to business.

28th Sep 2012, 21:32
Hey here!! Want a drink?? :making glasses:

28th Sep 2012, 21:33
Sounds like a plan. Surprise me then.

28th Sep 2012, 21:41
Sure thang!!

Cloud: Johnny has his own drinks, ya know...

Ya, but no one likes them :brewsup a strawberry sparkling wine with strawberries sliced in there:

28th Sep 2012, 21:49
What an interesting drink we have here. Definitely giving it a try.

29th Sep 2012, 09:50
Johnny: "I'm gonna be ruined on day one...!" T_T

"Either way...how have you been, guys? Met any new people? Please, introduce me to them (and tell them to bring cash!)

And of course I am. Back that is. To tell the truth, I only ever had one week off."



Mission Clear: The old customers have returned, and they seem to be pleased at that! Go Johnny!




New Mission: Who will be the first new face to show up?


29th Sep 2012, 16:11
Well I have met some new faces...

Cloud: ...are you texting Hope?? he has work..

Oh he could use a break... besides who says I was texting him??

Cloud: well it's either him or Balto..

Katana-kun hasn't answered any texts for months... I think he got lost in a spoon tunnel...

29th Sep 2012, 18:31
Cloud: ...wow, she just facebooked you were back in business...

Hope: *comes around* ....is this the place??

Hope-kun!!! I know this dump isn't worthy of a Director, but it's a fun dump... come in, have a drink...

29th Sep 2012, 23:54
Balto: *peeks up from a spoon tunnel just behind Gaia* "Did I hear someone call my name?" B3 <3

Johnny: "So all Hope isn't lost after all? Come, have a seat! This is an awesome place, didn't your friend tell ya?

And facebook? Oi, oi! Lessee!" :D

30th Sep 2012, 02:24
-Random Question of the Moment-

The new version of SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS North America has been around for exactly four months. What do you think of it so far?

30th Sep 2012, 12:22
Better now that's Johnny's is open again... :D KATANA!!! :hugs: Hello!!!

Cloud: .....okay.....

Hope: Um... can I get some corel wine??

30th Sep 2012, 13:31
Johnny: *stares at the odd scene taking place right before him*

"Man, she really has missed this bar...One Corel Sangria comin' right up! By the way...you sure you're not underage? Your mom won't mind, right?"

30th Sep 2012, 15:23
Cloud: ....Director Hope?? Underage... hmmm... and in 5...4...3...2...

:Gaia uses flying face stomp.... IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!: OMG he's 24!!!

Cloud: she was pretty adamant about getting to the right time and getting the right Hope...

Not saying I don't love little Teddy Bear Hope... I just knew we were going here....

30th Sep 2012, 19:53
Shadow: Looks like this place finally reopened....

Gilgamesh: *looking around* None of them witches around are there? Those ladies were nuts... X_X

30th Sep 2012, 20:10
SHADOW KUN!!! :tackles:

Cloud: ...sup Gilgamesh?

:D GILGY!!! :tackles:

30th Sep 2012, 20:14
This place is slowly recovering, maybe I should bring a friend I met during one of my trips.

30th Sep 2012, 20:18
Gilgamesh: As long as its not the Sorceress Group.....

Shadow: Quit whining.

30th Sep 2012, 20:27
No, the last thing we need is Gigi being... Gigi...

Cloud: TOTALLY AGREED... :shivers:

30th Sep 2012, 20:46
Gilgamesh: That and the annoying loudmouth elvaan who follows them around....

30th Sep 2012, 21:55
:pout: I like her...

1st Oct 2012, 01:23
Prishe: *Jumps down from her hiding place on top of the roof* "Hey! Who's the loudmouth?! Stop saying stuff like that about people when they're still around. I've been here like, forever. ~_~# You're such a little kid...Welcome to back to Lameville. Johnny, I demand a free drink to make up for this!!"

Johnny: "Hai, hai..."

1st Oct 2012, 02:23

johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.h... (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.htm)


Johnny: "You didn't think I'd miss out on this special event just because the groups are gone, did ya? ;) Since this is a little sudd'n, the contest might not be as grand as it used to be, but it will definitely still take place! Anyone is welcome to submit one or more entries.



1 - Your entry has to be connected to SQUARE ENIX.

2 - I accept anything within the theme of Halloween, may it be wallpapers, horror stories, lyrics, AMVs, drawings, cosplay photos, pumpkins...You name it!

3 - Put your heart into it. And have fun!

4 - You have to submit your entry here in this thread before November 1, 2012.



This time, I'LL decide who's gonna win! :D Well, me and Grimoire. And a secret judge.



1st Place - A Christmas picture featuring one SQUARE ENIX character of the winner's choice.

2nd Place - A Christmas picture featuring one SQUARE ENIX enemy/monster of the winner's choice.

3rd Place - A Christmas picture featuring one SQUARE ENIX mascot of the winner's choice.

The art will be drawn by Grimoire. Examples:

[/url]semna12.webs.com/JFHC_2010_3rd_Prize_Nan... (http://semna12.webs.com/JFHC_2010_3rd_Prize_Nanakins.jpg)

semna16.webs.com/Ash.jpg (http://semna16.webs.com/Ash.jpg)

semna15.webs.com/KAASAN.jpg (http://semna15.webs.com/KAASAN.jpg)

[url="http://semna17.webs.com/JFHC_2010_3rd_Prize_Bikers.jpg"]semna17.webs.com/JFHC_2010_3rd_Prize_Bik... (http://semna17.webs.com/JFHC_2010_3rd_Prize_Bikers.jpg)


The contest starts today (October 1, 2012) and I'll gladly welcome any submissions. Now, go, go! And good luck! Questions? Then let me hear 'em. Bring it on!"

2nd Oct 2012, 10:21

Cloud: ....and it begins.....

2nd Oct 2012, 11:23
Johnny: "I suggest you do somethin' CRAZY! Very much lookin' forward to your entry." :D

"...Aaaaand I believe we have our first entry! And a really spooky one at that! Just fantastic!"


-Come back!-


member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/snapshot/detail.php?id=82458)

By Ripax - na.square-enix.com/144990015 (http://na.square-enix.com/144990015)


2nd Oct 2012, 14:34
A Halloween contest, this sounds pretty interesting. Though I'm at a loss for ideas.

2nd Oct 2012, 15:01
Johnny: "Don't ya worry, anything goes as long as you're having fun putting it together! Besides, you've got the whole month to come up with something."

4th Oct 2012, 02:00
-Random Question of the Moment-


eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/gamer-chat-fa... (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/gamer-chat-fantasy-tag-teams)

"While we don&rsquo;t make mainstream fighting games here at Square Enix we haven&rsquo;t been able to ignore the huge new beat-em up titles on the market. In the last two weeks we&rsquo;ve seen the release of Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 and Dead or Alive 5, both boasting great tag team action.

We didn&rsquo;t want to feel too left out so here amongst ourselves we&rsquo;ve been thinking about how our favourite Square Enix characters would fare in a fight and coming up with our own fantasy tag team pairings. Just imagine, Lara Croft and Sora taking on Mog and Wei Shen in fight, that's certainly something you wouldn't forget!

So we want to know, who would be in your ultimate Square Enix tag team?

To keep things interesting make sure to pick characters from different franchises.

Why do you think these characters would work, and fight, well together?

Who would their perfect tag team opponents be?"

4th Oct 2012, 19:40
Gilgamesh: Oh boy.... that question brings strange thoughts to my mind.... Damn elvaan would probably team up with Kaine to form team foul mouth hussy.....

4th Oct 2012, 22:58
how have i not noticed this thread..*Slap*

4th Oct 2012, 23:00
Sephiroth: is it just me or does this place more run down than before?

=.= is it just me or do YOU look more run down than before..

5th Oct 2012, 15:47
Johnny: "Oi, oi! I've even gotten a new (almost entierly undamaged) table! Look! And do have a seat."

5th Oct 2012, 17:12
:drinking with Hope: Vinnie and the guy from Hitman vs.... Sora and Ed... gunslingers vs. shortstops

5th Oct 2012, 17:22
My ideal tag team already exists. The manliest partners in history, Alex Louis Armstrong and Sig Curtis. Friendship born from muscles.

5th Oct 2012, 18:18
Ideal Tag: Lara Croft and Lightning Farron.

Faris: What's this lit'le place? Looks like a fine pub! I'll take one AVALANCHE special alcohol barkeep.

6th Oct 2012, 01:45
Johnny: "Right on! This is JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN, the most fantastic place on the entire Planet! Welcome, welcome! I am honoured to serve you, my dear new customer. One AVALANCHE Special comin' right up! Please have a seat and make yerself at home in the meantime."

6th Oct 2012, 12:06
Faris: Take all the time ye need! 'ey Gilgamesh, been a long time 'asn't it?

6th Oct 2012, 12:18
Johnny: "Here you go!"

*Puts down a glass on the table*

"And another one for you, Gilgamesh-sama..."

Prishe: "HEY!! I'm still waiting for MY _free_ drink over here! Hell-o~? All this waiting is making me hungry..."

6th Oct 2012, 12:34
Faris: Awwww better than the brew we have on the sea's! And Munchkin, if yer hungry order some food!

6th Oct 2012, 12:47
That's a nice table johny!

Sephiroth: yeah, yeah..

6th Oct 2012, 13:20
:kicks Johnny on the back of the head:


>.> :snuggles Cloud:

Cloud: >////>; Sorry about that Johnny...

6th Oct 2012, 14:04
[General Forum Guidelines]
na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139233... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139233/29068965/General_Forum_Guidelines)

[Avoid personal attacks on others.]

Do not kick the barkeep in the head. That's dangerous, as well as rude.

6th Oct 2012, 14:13
Prishe: "I'm too hungry to order anything..." *collapses*

*mutters: "I'm sooo gonna beat him into a sirloin steak when I wake up"*

Johnny: "...Ouch, that hurt." T_T

"That Gaia, and Prishe... I miss Tifa." Y_Y

6th Oct 2012, 15:22
C'mon Gilgamesh, Faris is here. You know what phrase to say now.

6th Oct 2012, 16:34
Faris: Ye know, someone should do something about the munchkin. It can be dangerous ta have people out on the floor.

6th Oct 2012, 16:47
Johnny: "Naah, doncha worry. People collapse on the dirt all the time. Besides, she's one tough cookie. I'm more worried about myself actually...at least I'm safe for now." :3

("I'll make sure to place some tacos next to her. Maybe that'll save me. Or at least make her forget about me.")

6th Oct 2012, 17:00
Faris: Aye, Oi see. If she does attack, Oi got ye back. Tacos can be very persuasive though.

6th Oct 2012, 17:09
Knowing Prishe, sirloin steak and/or sardine sushi can also persuade her.

6th Oct 2012, 17:20
[General Forum Guidelines]
na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139233... (/go/thread/view/139233/29068965/General_Forum_Guidelines)

[Avoid personal attacks on others.]

Do not kick the barkeep in the head. That's dangerous, as well as rude.

Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiii!!!! ^w^/ Must be nice to have protection now, Johnnykins...

Cloud: so no more shenanigans from you then...

6th Oct 2012, 19:13
Johnny: "Thank you, thank you Faris!" :D

"I hereby declare us as kyoudai! If you're ever in a pinch, you know who to call!"

7th Oct 2012, 04:43
Dajh: "Has anyone seen my Daddy?"

Chocolina: "Chirps"



Stage Mission: Reunite Dajh with his missing father Sazh.

Now, where could he have gone off to...?


7th Oct 2012, 13:26
DAJHY!!! :snuggles: I missed you so much!! Cloud!! We have to find Sazh!!!

Cloud: ....Hope, can you text him??

Hope: Huh?? Oh hey Dajh... :texts: I just messaged him... we'll se if he responds...

7th Oct 2012, 13:31
Dajh: "Big Sis! And thank you for trying to send Daddy a message, but..."

*Blip* *Blip*

"He left his comm-uni-cator with me."

*Holds out the gizmo for them to see.*

7th Oct 2012, 13:36
I bet Sazh ended up engaging in a fight against a Gigantuar. I wonder if he's already found the Metal Gigantuar, that mustache is something.

7th Oct 2012, 13:41
Dajh: "Yay! Daddy's a hero! Isn't he great? But...why's he chasing the big Cactuars? Did they do something bad?"

7th Oct 2012, 13:47
I doubt he's chasing 'em. It's more like they find Sazh.

7th Oct 2012, 13:52
Dajh: "They like him?"

7th Oct 2012, 13:55
I believe they want to settle the score with him. He fought and defeated a powerful one, with some help of Lightning and company.

7th Oct 2012, 14:04
Dajh: "So...they're playing a game? Then it's OK. I'll be a good boy and wait for Daddy. Alright, Chocolina?"

Chocolina: *Chirps and flies in a circle, then lands on top of Johnny's head*

Dajh: "She likes the color of your hair!"

Johnny: "She does? My, what a cute litte chick you are! You know what? You can stay there for as long as you want!" :D

Chocolina: *Whistles*

7th Oct 2012, 14:32
Faris: ........eh, kiddo! You 'ungry? And is that fluff-ball some breed a' chocobo?

7th Oct 2012, 14:33
Well, let's hope Sazh comes soon. Hmm, might as well bring a pal while we wait.

*Takes out a phone, quickly picking a number*

Yo Hero, wanna have a drink? ... Oh yeah, that's the attitude. Come to Johnny's place then... Yup, that's the place... I know, Steelguard's a good name for a drink. Ok then, hurry up.

*The call ends*

7th Oct 2012, 14:57
*Dajh runs over to Faris*

Dajh: "Mhm~" *nods*

"And that's my best friend, she's both cute and cool, she can fly - she's Chocolina, the Wonder Chocobo!"

"By the way, you look like a pirate. There was an episode of the Chocobo Show with a pirate just like you...she was scary at first, but then she became Coco, Mo-Mo and Jelly's friend and they all went treasure hunting with her BIG ship!!"

7th Oct 2012, 15:22
Faris: 'ey Johnny, get this kid an order of whatever 'e wants. And not only do Oi look like a pirate, Kiddo Oi am a pirate. The best on the seas! But Oi have ta say, Oi don't know what the Chocobo Show is.

7th Oct 2012, 17:58
You should check it out, the Chocobo Show is pretty awesome!!

Cloud: why would Sazh give him the communicator..

Daddies do that... ^^' Well, Dajhy... what do you want to eat?? and Faris, if you've been payng Johnny you're a real good person...

Cloud: ....true...

7th Oct 2012, 19:50
Faris: What? Should Oi not be payin' Johnny? And besides Oi know what it's like ta be separted from a parent, even if only for a lit'le while.

7th Oct 2012, 20:05
Snow: Oh yeah, I'm finally here. Sorry for the delay, but I was dealing with some nasty monsters. Look at this place, pretty nice. This hero needs to relax a bit.

Hey Johnny, bring something for Snow and me.

7th Oct 2012, 20:06
Lightning: *entering bar* And here I thought this bar was going to be relaxing. *sigh*

7th Oct 2012, 20:11
Snow: Hey Sis, good to see you here. Oh, Hope's here too. Huh? Gilgamesh too. Yeah! This place is great. C'mon Sis, have a drink with us.

7th Oct 2012, 20:19
Lightning: I'm not your sister, Snow. Barkeep, your name's Johnny isn't it? I'll have a Blue Hawaii.

7th Oct 2012, 20:54
Snow: I guess some things never change.

She's a strong lady. So Snow, what monsters kept you busy?

Snow: Just some Cie'th. You should've seen that, they couldn't beat my STEELGUARD. A couple of punches, a bit of magic, and the best part, my trusty Sovereign Fist.

8th Oct 2012, 01:44
Johnny: "One Happy Meal comin' right up!"

Dajh: "Really?! That's amazing!! A real pirate...~ Have you sailed the One Sea? And have you met any sea-monsters? Is the ocean full of treasure?"

"Oh, and the Chocobo Show...it's about The Yellow Bird. She's living on the Plains of Pulse with all of her friends, and then there is the scary gang..."

*Johnny brings the Happy Meal and Dajh digs in, still thoroughly explaining what the Chocobo Show is about*

Johnny: "She's the best! We're kyoudai, you know. Ky-ou-dai! She has style!" :D

"Here ya go." *Puts down two large tankards of City Coral* "You guys, wanna taste my extra spicy tacos? Still have some left."

*Prishe is now sitting on the dirt floor, munching on her lunch*

Johnny: "And here's a Blue Hawaii for you, sweet lady. Also...we're all kyoudai! The more the merrier, isn't it?" ;D

"By the way...I've fallen victim to some monster attacks here lately. Last time, the "thing" almost wrecked the water tower. Look at the damage! Thing is, the monster or whatever it is, only shows up at night, so I haven't been able to get a clear look at it. You think you can handle it, Mr. Snow?" :3

8th Oct 2012, 08:30
Snow: Monster attacks, huh? No problem, just leave it to me. This hero will save the day.

*Snow picks up one of the tankards, and starts drinking*

Snow: Wooo, this is so good!

Looks like our hero got extra motivated. He'll solve this, without a doubt.

8th Oct 2012, 08:43
Johnny: "Man, you mean that?! You know what, you're a real lifesaver! Drink's on the house!"



Stage Mission: Reunite Dajh with his missing father Sazh.


[Dajh decided to stay at the bar and wait for his daddy to eventually show up.]




New Mission: Help Johnny get rid of the...monster (?) that has been causing a ruckus at the bar at night.


~And so, a few hours later...~

8th Oct 2012, 08:53
Johnny: "Psst. I'm down here."

*looks up from one of the tunnels*

"I can't believe all of you showed up (well, some of you never even left). Thanks guys! Better hide down here until the beast shows itself. Don't worry, there's plenty of holes, just pick the one you prefer!" :D

8th Oct 2012, 09:02
Snow: Ok monster, hurry up and show yourself. I got a pair of fists waiting for you.

*He hides in a nearby hole*

8th Oct 2012, 09:37
Prishe: "This is getting boring."

Balto (from his hiding place further into the tunnel): "It would have been a little less boring if only you hadn't worn those shorts-"

[censored] -Balto is out for the night-

Prishe: "No playtime with Prishe."

Johnny: "...one Turk down. I'm happy we have Snow."

8th Oct 2012, 12:19
All Fans of FF7 Listen up!!! lets all rally up and fight the battle to getting the FF7 remake we all deserve!!! Join me you and your freinds and lets battle Square Enix for the remake we all long for!

8th Oct 2012, 12:22
Johnny: "Shush! You're scaring away the monster!!"

8th Oct 2012, 12:40
Snow: Talk about troublesome, the last thing I want is the monster not showing up.

8th Oct 2012, 12:47
:bouncing excitedly: Hohoho... finally we get some action... :grabs her blades:

Cloud: ...hopefully we won't wait for too long.

8th Oct 2012, 13:04
Johnny: "Gaia, do NOT hide in that hole! I repeat, not in that hole!!!"

*A swarm of Pink Sanguini awakens, flees the hole in panic and fills the sky with their chitterychatting noise*

"...too late."

8th Oct 2012, 14:27
Lightning: It's like none of you have ever fought monsters before. That's why I'm here to clean up your mess I guess.

Faris: From being on the High seas, Oi learned a thing or two 'bout monster 'untin. Do ye got any bait Johnny boy?

8th Oct 2012, 14:33
Snow: There's no need to worry, ladies. I'll take of whatever this monster is. I got my backup already, if things get hard, the Shiva Sisters will come to aid us.

8th Oct 2012, 14:46
Johnny: "Bait, eh...no worries. Looks like he's already up an' doing his job."

*points at Dajh who is running about the bar together with Chocolina, excited to have been assigned the highly important mission of being "monster bait"*

8th Oct 2012, 15:12
Lightning: Snow, shut up. Johnny, that's extremly reckless. Dajh is young and can't even defend himself. PRISHE. You're the bait.

8th Oct 2012, 15:25
Prishe: "...Fiiine. Come here, monster, monster...come here...I'm so gonna catch you!! Especially if you're a dragon!"

Johnny: "...wait. I think I hear something. Yes, something's definitely, maybe, coming this way!! Dajh, return! The monster's comin'!"

8th Oct 2012, 15:32
Faris: Don't ye worry 'bout the kiddo, I got him. (Dragoon job is set)

*Jumps to Dajh*

8th Oct 2012, 15:40
Johnny & Dajh: "Thank you, Sis!"

*A lagre dark shadow approches*

Prishe: "Is it a dragon?! Is it a dragon??!"

8th Oct 2012, 15:43
Lightning: So the fight is about to begin. You ready "Hero"?

8th Oct 2012, 16:02
Snow: I'm always ready, Lightning. Time to show this monster some manners!

8th Oct 2012, 16:11

Johnny: "What on the Planet is it?!?!!!"

Prishe: "It's FAT!"

Dajh: "A Chocobo!"

*Fat Chocobo comes rolling straight in the direction of the bar...!*

8th Oct 2012, 16:15
Snow: Not so fast, big boy!

*Paradigm Shift: Sentinel*


8th Oct 2012, 16:21
Johnny: "Wow, wow! It's working! My Heaven's saved! Oh no, look out! It's gonna attack!!"

8th Oct 2012, 16:23
Faris: Is that even a' threat? *Spellblade Firaga* Er' ye go e'eryone! *Spellblade everyone in party*

8th Oct 2012, 16:30
Snow: I don't think so, big boy.

*Snow uses Provoke*

Snow: Bring it on!

8th Oct 2012, 16:32
Lightning: Great Idea, provoke it in front of the bar. DRAW IT AWAY! GET BEHIND IT! HOPE, HASTE NOW!

8th Oct 2012, 16:34
Snow: Consider it done! C'mon Hope, some Protect too.

8th Oct 2012, 16:42
*The battle seemed to be going well, until...!!*

Johnny: "Oh no!"

*All of a sudden, the ground beneath them (undermined by countless holes) collapsed and, luckily, revealed a hidden well, into which they all fell*

Fat Chocobo: "WARK? KWEEEH!!"

Dajh: "Yay! It's happy now."

Johnny: "I'm soaking wet! How come it's happy?"


Dajh: "It found water. It was thirsty, that's why it came to the bar. But you wouldn't open, so it tried to use the water tower, but it couldn't..."

Johnny: "...sorry about that. Yesterday was my day off, and..." ^_^'

"Please forgive me, Mr. Choco!"

Prishe: "Awww...poor thing. And poor me."

8th Oct 2012, 16:43
Faris: Yer open 6 days a' week an the day it wants a' drink is when yer closed? Priceless!

8th Oct 2012, 16:46
Snow: So it was just a misunderstanding. I'm glad we fell here, otherwise I would've switched to Commando and used Sovereign Fist on him.

8th Oct 2012, 16:49
Johnny: "Maybe I should hire someone to take care of the bar during my day off, eh?"

Anyway...Look at it from the bright side! We now have a gigantic hole/pool!" :D

"Thanks guys for all your help. Let's have a party to celebrate tomorrow, alright? Bring as many friends as you want. It's all on the house!"



Mission Clear!




Party Time!


~Next Morning: Johnny is up early, decorating the bar and preparing the party snacks while Dajh is playing in the pool with his new friend - Fat Chocobo~

8th Oct 2012, 19:52
I bet Sazh ended up engaging in a fight against a Gigantuar. I wonder if he's already found the Metal Gigantuar, that mustache is something.

Gilgamesh: Hoo boy.... forgot how much pirates like booze.... even if they are princesses.

Shadow: Quit whining, or i'll smash your face in.

Gilgamesh: *muttering* half saiyans..... *cough*

[Speaking of Metal Gigantaur, i had the misfortune to run into it in XIII-2..... almost as bad as Long Gui and Tonberry..... at least tonberry lets you live more than 10 seconds. Also i enjoy the chocobo rock that plays with the paradox chocobos.]

9th Oct 2012, 01:29
Johnny: "Let's just hope Dajh's dad doesn't run into it..."

Prishe: "You like that song? It's awesome! Decided! It'll be our Party Song!"

-Random Question of the Moment-

Tell us what you're doing to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the FINAL FANTASY series.

9th Oct 2012, 13:45
*headbangs*So you think you can ride this chocobo...

Cloud: .........oh lord... :initiates otome counterattack:

OOH!!! HIIRO NO KAKERA!!! :starts watching: *sigh*

Cloud: anything to keep her from singing that song...


Grim's Pop Quiz

Gaia is looking at three bishies in Hiiro no Kakera for favorites... pick'em!!

9th Oct 2012, 14:28
O-chan, Eins and Kazam...Kagu...I mean, Ryou.

Uss-u~. *Now, where did I put that crossword puzzle...*

Favourite SQUARE ENIX otome game: na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235/29357009/Active_Time_Kiss_FF_Otome_Game_to_Feature_Kurasame)

9th Oct 2012, 17:37
Faris: Now this is a party! Not enough alcohol though.....

9th Oct 2012, 17:43
Snow: That music is pretty intense, nice choice. But my favorite will always be my theme.

When Snow's Theme plays, you know it's Steelguard time.

Snow: Damn right!

9th Oct 2012, 17:45
O-chan, Eins and Kazam...Kagu...I mean, Ryou.

Uss-u~. *Now, where did I put that crossword puzzle...*

Favourite SQUARE ENIX otome game: na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235... (/go/thread/view/139235/29357009/Active_Time_Kiss_FF_Otome_Game_to_Feature_Kurasame)

OMG I didn't think of Eins, and he totally counts... I haven't seen O-chan yet, and yeah Ryou!! So 1.5 of three!! Well done!!

9th Oct 2012, 17:49
Cloud: hmmm... party music...

Like Gilgy's theme!!! :does a metal version of Battle at the Big Bridge:

Yeah!!! :starts dancing:

9th Oct 2012, 18:26

9th Oct 2012, 21:42
:puts an arm around Faris: Something tells me we'll get along great!! XD

10th Oct 2012, 02:08
Johnny: "We're just gettin' started. More booze comin' right up! Anyone up for some Flancakes?"

...I was joking (and going for a zero). You're that adult now? And O-chan is O-chan.

10th Oct 2012, 11:59
Snow: I'm up for this! Bring me plenty of Flancakes, Johnny. And something good to drink too.

10th Oct 2012, 13:11
Johnny: "Yessiree!!" :D

*serves his guests at hyperspeed*

10th Oct 2012, 15:33
Lightning:............I'll have a flancake.

10th Oct 2012, 15:44
Johnny: "Here ya go."

*puts the plate on the table*

"I added my extra special cherry-mint mix topping just for you. Bon appetit!" ;)

10th Oct 2012, 16:01
Yo Johnnykins!! Surprise me!

....what do you mean am I that adult now?? :pouts: and going for zero... you really thought I would like Ryou's character?? Hmmmm... what kinda mushy girl do you think I am??

10th Oct 2012, 16:09
Johnny: "A surprise, eh..."

*Picks up the Head of Gigi and places it on Gaia's flancake*

"Voil*!" :D

Rare animals, rare animals. *Shakes his head and sighs*

10th Oct 2012, 16:40
Snow: Man, these Flancakes are terrific. Nice work, Johnny.

*Snow proceeds to eat more Flancakes*

Snow: I bet Serah would love 'em too.

10th Oct 2012, 18:32
Cloud: *sees Gigi's head on the flancakes* WOAH OMG!!

...........................JOHNNY!!!!! :gets held back by Cloud: WHY WOULD I EAT THIS!!!!

LOL are you calling mushy girls rare animals??

10th Oct 2012, 19:06
Lightning:.............These are good. That's a suprise.

11th Oct 2012, 14:04
Johnny: "I could prepare a doggy bag for her?" :3

"And please, bring her along next time you have the oportunity."

"...you wanted me to surprise you, didn't you? Besides: This is ART! A-R-T!"

No, I am saying that the poor Bishounens are rare animals to some girls. And in this case [HnK]: It couldn't have been truer.

"And thank you! I am sooo happy to hear that they were of delightness to you." *Bows*

11th Oct 2012, 17:37
:being held back by Cloud and displaying one huge boot: THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I KICK YOU ON THE NOGGIN!!!! ><

Cloud: ...she actually just wanted something to eat... something that looked not like... that...

LOL yeah I suppose so... like I just started watching Hakuouki Reimeiroku and Ryunosuke is very doggy-like, but super cutez... Bishies are rare creatures to be handled with respect and care... ^__-

11th Oct 2012, 18:16
Lightning:..... with these characters, I don't know if Serah should be here. And I don't think delightness is a word Johnny.

11th Oct 2012, 18:37
Snow: Don't be silly, Lightning. You know I'll always protect Serah, no matter what.

11th Oct 2012, 20:20
Gilgamesh: I don't have interest in a moogle that turns into a bow anyways.

Shadow: The weapon master turns down a weapon?

Gilgamesh: I don't need a weapon that Kupo's at me all the time....

11th Oct 2012, 20:55
Faris: But moogle's can be so fun! If ye throw them far enough they can get ya treasure! Sounds good ta me!

11th Oct 2012, 21:09
Gilgamesh: Tell that to Krile and see if she doesn't freak out.

11th Oct 2012, 22:06
:dawns on her: ...does she think I would cute, adorable Serah?? That would never happen!! My.... "displays of affection" belongs to Johnny only...

12th Oct 2012, 00:14
*Has been off SEM for a few weeks and spies the Open Sign for Johonny's in disbelief*


*Attacks Johnny with a sumo bear hug*


*Looks at the decor*

....But something looks a little different. Are those.....red silk curtians? And do I smell scented candles?! Where are the entrances to the Man Cave and Spoon Tunnel?! Gah! This place is a blank slate!!! O_O

Fear not, fellow SEM'ers, Yuki is sitting out this years Halloween Contest. I am content to have won it two years in a row, not to mention that I have a few new side projects that are taking my time. myfigurecollection.net/blog/4304&blog=1 (http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/4304&blog=1) myfigurecollection.net/blog/4621&blog=1 (http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/4621&blog=1)

At least now, MakoDonalds can re-open for business.

12th Oct 2012, 01:53
Johnny: "...Would you prefer strawberries?" :3

"It isn't? My bad. I never had the chance to go to school..." [which would explain the extra "o" in the "JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN" sign]

"Yuki! Thank you for comin'! And, well...some of the spoon tunnels caved in and we now have this amazing pool...but don't worry, there's still plenty of em' left!"

*looks at the pictures*

"And what a house! Good luck with the Renovation! Also, may I place this order with MakoDonald's? I'll need this and this and some of those...and I run out of Happy Meals only yesterday..."

12th Oct 2012, 02:48
:calms down: Strawberries would be perfect thank you...OMG YUKICHAN!!! :runs and hugs: It's terrible!!nothing's back up yet and I can't harrass Johnny or I'll get in trouble!!! TTOTT PLUS I have NO TIME to do anything for the Halloween contest!!!

Cloud: Hey Yuki... yeah, she got reprimanded, but to be honest she just did it without provocation..

Who's side are you on??

12th Oct 2012, 03:51
Prepare for trouble...and make it double.

12th Oct 2012, 03:54
Johnny: "I'm just happy there's a little more style among my patrons nowadays. Here you go - Flancakes * la Strawberry Surprise!"

Balto: "...Ouch. Morning already? I'm alright now, I'm alright. Eh? Where did that giant pool come from?" o_O

12th Oct 2012, 10:21
October 13 ~ member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/snapshot/detail.php?id=82757)

12th Oct 2012, 14:52
>.> :looks: Hello Gravity... just so you know, kicking Johnny in the head isn't technically a personal attack... it's... basically because he deserves it most of the time....

:eats the flancakes: ...Hey!!! This is actually pretty good!!! Must've gotten some lessons from Tifa during the hiatus...

12th Oct 2012, 15:21
But it is. No matter what [Johnny] does, it shouldn't be reason enough for anyone to go against the [General Forum Guidelines].

12th Oct 2012, 15:39
Johnny: "You bet, she's the best! But, you know...the Flancakes were somethin' sweet little Marlene came up with."

"By the way, Ripax told me she's been working some more on her HALLoWEEN CoNTEST entry, so here's the expanded version: a comic!"

~Dark Wonderland~

[/url]member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4632)

member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4665)

member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4661)

[url="http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4663"]member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4663)


Boy - Ripax

Bunny Girl - Ripax

Butterfly Lady - Ripax

Cheshire Bird - Ripax

Girl - Minerva/wingedgoddess

Bunny Boy - Grimoire/Grimoire-Hakase

(Over at SEM JP you can borrow other people's avatars for your own snapshots and comics.)

13th Oct 2012, 03:52
Johnny: "Did you see the news? Looks like Jenova left something behind on its last trip to the beach." [/url]

[url="http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2012/10/12/giant-mysterious-eyeball-found-on-florida-beach/"]newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2012/10... (http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2012/10/12/giant-mysterious-eyeball-found-on-florida-beach/)

-Random Question of the Moment-

If not Jenova's - Whose eye do you think it is?

13th Oct 2012, 10:23
Lightning: I don't know what Jenova is, but it looks a bit like a Long Gui's eye.

13th Oct 2012, 17:28
Cloud... that's not an eye from the WEAPON, is it??

Cloud: creepy...

14th Oct 2012, 22:11
Ah. There's a Mythril User at the bar to keep an eye on us. Things did get more than a little out of control here before.... Looks like Johnny finally stopped being cheap and hired a bouncer to keep things from getting crazy.

Jenova: That's waaay too big to be my eye! It's the right color of blue though.....maybe it came from one of Meci-chan's pets?

Ultimecia: It doesn't belong to my dear little Mosi....besides, he hasn't been out of the Luxury Ball that I just bought him from the Pokemart! <3

15th Oct 2012, 02:54
Johnny: "...well, I didn't exactly hire him. He just drops by occasionally...never even orders anything."

15th Oct 2012, 17:12
Snow: So this pal Gravity appears from time to time to help keep order. Sounds like something a hero would do.

15th Oct 2012, 17:34
>.> Yep... keeping order... swooping in and saving Johnny from the terrors of his old customers... ;)

Cloud: ...listen to your music...

Haaaaaiiiiiii!!! :jamming away:

15th Oct 2012, 18:05
Faris: Aye, a hero indeed Snow! Have ye e'er wanted to be a pirate? Cause ye would make a fine one!

15th Oct 2012, 19:03
Snow: Hmmm, being a pirate. Travelling, facing monsters. Sounds great, as long as looting innocent people isn't part of the show.

15th Oct 2012, 19:35
Shadow: Isn't this place a little low brow for someone of his mythril stature?

Gilgamesh: Oh great..... they're back.... *slinking off to hide again*

Shadow: .... lightweight...

Edit: Shadow: And i think Snow'd make a better saiyan than a pirate, the guy can take a hit and can deliver a solid punch.

15th Oct 2012, 19:57
But I guess it has its good points... that means I can bother Kage-shama without getting hit!! &hearts;

Cloud: when's the last time Shadow hit you??

:snuggling Shadow: ......I don't have to answer that, do I??

15th Oct 2012, 20:12
Shadow: It was before the changeover....

16th Oct 2012, 01:13
Of course I was beserk at the time and trying out a new power... ahhhh... good times...

Cloud: ....only you...

16th Oct 2012, 01:25
Out of curiosity, other than Ripax, is anyone submitting anything to the Halloween Contest this year? Just wondering. :3

16th Oct 2012, 01:59
Johnny: "...well, one entry is better than zero. Besides, it's a great entry.

Still waiting for more though.

By the way, it seems that the giant, mysterious eye was dropped by XIPHIAS [/url][url="http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120417234537/finalfantasy/images/thumb/4/40/Ultimecia_art_7.jpg/1000px-Ultimecia_art_7.jpg"]images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb201204172... (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120417234537/finalfantasy/images/thumb/4/40/Ultimecia_art_7.jpg/1000px-Ultimecia_art_7.jpg)"

Just as I thought.

Johnny: *Takes a pumpkin pie out of the oven*

-Random Question of the Moment-

How are you going to celebrate this year's Halloween?

16th Oct 2012, 13:34
I'm sorry Johnnykins... I'll think up something!!!

16th Oct 2012, 13:51
Johnny: "You will?! That's awesome!" :D

16th Oct 2012, 17:46
so I said... T^T

Cloud: none of her ideas are working out like she wants...

16th Oct 2012, 17:46
so I said... T^T

Cloud: none of her ideas are working out like she wants...

16th Oct 2012, 18:06
I feel as though it is time I speak. I would like to enter the halloween contest, but lack of free-time stops me. And to answer Johnny's question: Costume parties are fun! That's what I'm doing!

Faris: Ah Snow, lootin' from civilians aint somethin' a princess does....... Did Oi just let the out?

17th Oct 2012, 01:29
:working hard:

Cloud: she's found an idea....

17th Oct 2012, 18:02
Johnny: "No worries, as long as you guys are having a fun Halloween I'm more than happy!" :D

"By the way...who would like a Chocookie?"

photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/156913719 (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/156913719)

17th Oct 2012, 19:10
:takes a look: OMG IT'S SO CUTE I'LL HAVE TWO!!! BTW Johnnykins, I'm almost finished!! &hearts;

17th Oct 2012, 19:59
DEKITA!!!!! :collapses:

Cloud: ... not saying I don't like the piece, but...

fav.me/d5i7zl6 (http://fav.me/d5i7zl6)

18th Oct 2012, 02:00
Johnny: "OMO, awww, that's too awesome! I wanna go watch it!! Better up, let's all watch it right here! Just let me get a few things in order..."

*The Return of JoHoNNY'S CINEMA*

"And there we go! It's showtime! Thank you!!" :D

("...I'm sooo gonna cry myself to sleep tonight, I'm know it." T_T)

18th Oct 2012, 07:45
-Random Question of the Moment-

Are You the World's Greatest FINAL FANTASY Super Fan?

na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235/29444865/Are_You_the_Worlds_Greatest_FINAL_FANTASY_Super_Fan)

18th Oct 2012, 17:11
Just so you know, Johnny.. I changed the poster a little so the title will fit... and I don't think the kiddies should watch this... ^^' :looks at Dahj:

18th Oct 2012, 17:54
Lightning: I think it's a terrible idea to watch it right now. I'm sure it's excellent and right up my alley, but you should take more time and plan Johnny.

18th Oct 2012, 18:41
Snow: That poster looks great. So, what exactly is a Cetra?

18th Oct 2012, 19:05
Shadow: A powerful nomadic people with a great deal of knowledge who died out with Aerith.

18th Oct 2012, 19:08
Snow: They're all dead then. Hmm, sounds similar to what happened to Gran Pulse's population.

18th Oct 2012, 19:28
Shadow: You could say they're a little bit alive *pointing to gaia* if you count the spirit inside her.

18th Oct 2012, 19:49
True...:midori's spirit appears:

But it's more of a half life, Shadow-san... Aerith was truly the last.... :stretches:

Cloud: been a while since you've woken up to be with us...

It has, Master! :hugs Cloud:

19th Oct 2012, 01:30
Johnny: "...everyone hates my idea, and now I can't even read "Sakaguchi" (but only "Sakaguc") in the credits..." T_T

*A sad day for Johnny*

19th Oct 2012, 11:02
It will be alright Johnny! Just buck up!

19th Oct 2012, 12:09
Johnny: "Yeah, you're right...can't have the bar master getting depressed over such small a thing. To brighten things up a little I have a new idea! We're gonna turn this party into a Halloween party! Costumes are mandatory!!"



Stage Mission: Dress up in a Halloween costume and enjoy the party!


19th Oct 2012, 16:07
Faris: Oi guess Oi'll be a galliant knight! Oi'm gonna go get some armor!

Lightning: *puts in plastic fangs* I'm a vampire.

19th Oct 2012, 16:32
Johnny: "You're gonna be an awesome knight, I know it! Just the perfect choice. And Lightning...man, you're even scarier than before now.

Guess what? I'm gonna be the Killer Gopher!"

*Dresses up in his old Moogle costume from the year before last year*

johonnysheaven.webs.com/JC_Banner.jpg (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/JC_Banner.jpg)

"Time to dig some new graves...I mean, holes!!"

19th Oct 2012, 16:41
Snow: Everyone's getting their costumes already, better get mine now.

Got mine already. I brought one for you too, Snow. Ok, time to change, we'll be back in a minute.

19th Oct 2012, 19:38
Cloud: *puts on zombie makeup* I'm good...

:comes in wairing a fairy costume: Done!! &hearts; And I changed the poster, Johnny... thanks for the look out!!

19th Oct 2012, 19:46
Darnit, Gaialei, now I can't wear my fairy costume! I guess I'll have to be a Geisha.

19th Oct 2012, 19:53
I'm ready too. Ta-da! A Lord Xemnas costume, can't say no to the black coat.

Snow: This MMA fighter attire is awesome. Serah would love to see me dressed like this.

19th Oct 2012, 20:07
Darnit, Gaialei, now I can't wear my fairy costume! I guess I'll have to be a Geisha.

Oops!! ^^' sowwy...

19th Oct 2012, 23:22
I guess it's alright! ;) I've been wanting to dress like a Geisha for a while now!

Lightning: Serah sees you dressed like a buffoon every other day of the week Snow, so what difference would your attire make now?

20th Oct 2012, 02:05
Johnny: "Great, Gaia. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to give you as many points as you deserved. Grimoire would probably have given you his points anyway, since he never votes on anything he's credited for, even if only partially."

Dajh: "I'm a Care Bear, this is my Pony (the now rainbow-coloured Fat Chocobo) and this is my Cat (little Chocolina proudly flies around, showing off her tiny cat ears and whiskers)..."

Prishe: *Wearing a long, pink, medieval dress* "I guess I'm the beautiful princess. Now, I demand a shining knight! O, come and save me, from-"

Balto: *Still dressed in his Turks uniform* "I'm here, only for you!"

Prishe: "Gimme a break!" *knocks Balto down into one of the spoon tunnels...again*



Mission Clear: Awesome costumes, guys! :D


20th Oct 2012, 10:37
Wait does this mean the party's over? Because I was just starting to have fun!

20th Oct 2012, 11:38
I believe the Mission Cleared refers to getting the costumes for the party. Besides, I still haven't had the chance to impersonate Lord Xemnas.

20th Oct 2012, 11:49
Johnny: "Party's just begun! And it'll last all Halloween!" :D

20th Oct 2012, 14:00
And as is tradition... :hits the jukebox like the Fonz:

youtu.be/jU6iP0WLsU8 (http://youtu.be/jU6iP0WLsU8)

Cloud: -_____-; of course....

20th Oct 2012, 14:30
I very much like your song choice Gaialei, I much prefer this one:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpvdAJYvofI (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpvdAJYvofI)

20th Oct 2012, 17:26
Ah yes, the original...

Cloud: see?? Normal people like the first version...

But Manson's version was PERFECT!!! :O

Cloud: -___-; just... go around spreading fairy dust already.....

21st Oct 2012, 11:08
Whoa Cloud, no need to be mean. Manson's version is very good as well!

21st Oct 2012, 14:59
Prishe: "...I hate both of em'."

22nd Oct 2012, 19:15
Prishy's no fun... -3-

Cloud: Heh... then what do you want to hear??

22nd Oct 2012, 20:19
Shadow: Quiet elf, go back to your sorceress group.... anyways, who needs a costume when i can become something else anyways.... let me be Broly for a day. *turns Legendary Super Saiyan* If only i could hide the wings, tail and horns....

Gilgamesh: *wearing Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor* I'm a paladin! Man.... it's tough to hide my other arms in this stuffy armor....

23rd Oct 2012, 14:52
Prishe: "...I'm so gonna beat the-"

Johnny: "Oi, oi! We don't wanna have a Mythril User crashing the party, do we? Let's all be a big, happy family and enjoy ourselves, eh? Materia anyone? It's on the house!" :D

photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/157454740 (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/157454740)

23rd Oct 2012, 17:20
Balto: "Pictures of the Lifestream." B)

news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/10... (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/10/pictures/121023-auroras-northern-lights-science-space-penguins-meteor/)

23rd Oct 2012, 17:35
Lightning: This materia stuff is ACTUALLY good. I'm suprised.

23rd Oct 2012, 17:40
Snow: I'll give this Materia thing a try. Looks good.

24th Oct 2012, 02:14
Johnny: "A little word of warning: just don't pick the Summon Materia, you never know what you'll end up summoning in your stomach."

24th Oct 2012, 15:18
Lightning: Isn't it dangerous to even be serving it then?

24th Oct 2012, 16:37
Johnny: "Is there anything in life that's not dangerous?" ;)

24th Oct 2012, 20:33
Lightning: Koalas.

24th Oct 2012, 21:26

media.photobucket.com/image/recent/neocl... (http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/neocloud9/15.jpg)

( I can't get into my old account T^T)

25th Oct 2012, 02:10

(I am sorry to hear that.)

25th Oct 2012, 19:06
Lightning: I stand corrected.

(Sorry about your account. That really stinks. Hope it works out.)

25th Oct 2012, 19:58
Snow: Looks like a monster, but I doubt it's really dangerous. C'mon, it's a small creature.

Yeah right, small creatures aren't dangerous. Tell that to Tonberry.

Snow: Ok, some small creatures are real monsters.

(I hope you regain access to your real account, Gaia.)

25th Oct 2012, 20:09
Prishe: "...I'm so gonna beat the-"

Johnny: "Oi, oi! We don't wanna have a Mythril User crashing the party, do we? Let's all be a big, happy family and enjoy ourselves, eh? Materia anyone? It's on the house!" :D

photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/157454740 (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/157454740)

Shadow: Hmmph, it seems my last saying was given the mythril warning anyways, looking at it. Besides, she wouldn't have stood a chance. Bah someone needs to get groups back so i can see some action.

26th Oct 2012, 02:08
Johnny: "But what if the Mythril Users will infiltrate the groups, too?"

26th Oct 2012, 19:29
Augh don't say that!!! It's been forever since I've been in a real fight!!! :does squats:

(thanks guys, I appreciate it...)

26th Oct 2012, 23:21
*Looks at Koala pic*

Ah, someone has been watching Kyo Kara Maoh. One of my favorites. :3

???: No Halloween Party is complete without us!

Cloud: Oh HELL. --____--

*For those who were not patrons of Johonny's before, an introduction!*

*A young woman who gained Sorceress Powers...Rinoa!*

Rinoa: Heey guys! Did you miss us?

*A misunderstood Sorceress and...woman (?) who ruled a hidden country before being disposed.....Adel!*

Adel: Of course they did, doll. We're the life of any party...providing they have some hot men. :3

*"Mother" to lots of hot silver haired Jenovans and a great role model.....Jenova! (Also known by her nickname of Gigi, which Gaia gave her)*

Jenova: *giggles* Johnnny-kins! *snuggles*

*The undisputed Mistress of Time Compression: not to mention owner of a fabulous Mansion.....Ultimecia!*

Ultimecia: It's hard to say if they missed you creatures, but they had to have missed ME.

*Infiltrator and nurse at the DWMA and Black Blood Scientist, the Snake Witch...Medusa!*

Medusa: *sips quietly on a Nillascotch*


*Reluctant member of this group, the fantabulously fashion forward red haired Genome....Kuja!*

Kuja: By Chaos, my feet are kiling me! But there's no such thing as too much shopping, oh NO!

*All of them together are....THE SORCERESS POSSE!*

Ultimecia: I'm still not convinced that Kuja dear is a woman, but we'll save that debate for another century.

Rinoa: I'm telling you that she is, Meci-chan!

Ultimecia: How many times have I told you not to call me that........

Adel: On with this party!

Gigi: Party!!! <3

27th Oct 2012, 03:21
Johnny: "Awww, how much I have missed you all! Welcome back!! Oh, and you're perfect just the way you are. You don't even have to dress up in a costume to look Halloweenish! Have a seat and explore the flavor of my Crimson Sanguini Pumpkin Pie and Mistreated Monster Drinks!" :D

27th Oct 2012, 10:07
Cloud: Pffffffffffffffffffffft....

27th Oct 2012, 11:17
Lightning: And to think that this place couldn't get any louder......

Faris: Ah the more the merrier!

28th Oct 2012, 00:08
Poor Chocoboy..XD

myfigurecollection.net/picture/550700 (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/550700)

Teioh is here too! myfigurecollection.net/item/116040 (http://myfigurecollection.net/item/116040)

Gigi: Pumpkin Sanguini! Yummy!

Adel: I can't love. Gotta watch my figure.

Ultimecia: Your figure?

Adel: Sure. A girl has to keep an eye on her figure if she wants to attract the guys. Not that you'd know that.

Ultimecia: Might I ask what figure?! You have the physique and stature of a wrestler. I doubt that there's anything remotely feminine about you.

Adel: You britch, you're just jealous that I get more attention than you do. All you have is your..."Knight."

Ultimecia: For the last time, there was absolutely nothing between Seifer and myself! He was merely a tool that I used in my bid-

Adel: He was a tool, all right.

Kuja: Oooh! This is getting steamy! I wanna hear more! :3

Ultimecia: There is no talking to you creatures! I have more in the way of morals and self control than any of you!

Adel: Just try changing the topic on us now, sugar, and it'll do no good. We're onto ya now.

Rinoa: Johnny! I want some pumpkin Sanguini too! <3

Kuja: Oh just look at those britches. They can eat all they want and not gain a thing! Not like us.

Adel: Little things, the lot of them.

Gigi: *has gone for seconds* Don't you guuys want soome?

Adel: To hell with it, gimme.

Medusa: Another Nillascotch Johnny.

28th Oct 2012, 01:59
Johnny: "Comin' right up!

Slime Pudding anyone?"

blog.jp.square-enix.com/music/cm_blog/20... (http://blog.jp.square-enix.com/music/cm_blog/2012/10/post_205.html)

Oh my, the Nendo Chocobos...so cute! And the claws on their wings make them even more dinosaurish.

29th Oct 2012, 18:31
Lightning: Hmmm... I might have to take some of that home for Serah.

29th Oct 2012, 19:06
Snow: That pudding looks tasty, I'd like to give it a try.

29th Oct 2012, 20:04
Gilgamesh: Aren't you forgetting that you let that elvaan into your group too?

Shadow: Stop talking....

30th Oct 2012, 01:55
Prishe: "...whatEVER!!!!!"

Johnny: "Great! As I always say: "Pudding makes you happy!""

31st Oct 2012, 06:18
Johnny: "HAPPY HALLoWEEN!!!!!!!

Have a scary holiday! Oh, and I almost forgot: we have a third entry in our FANTASTIC HALLoWEEN CoNTEST johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.h... (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.htm) !"

~Cait Sith: "Ah wish ye a Happy Halloween~!"~

semna29.webs.com/Happy_Halloween.jpg (http://semna29.webs.com/Happy_Halloween.jpg)

31st Oct 2012, 14:34
Yaaaaay!!!! I gotta get myself ready to be a witch at the door!!

Cloud: the first year she's been a "normal" character for Halloween..

It's wierd... :/

31st Oct 2012, 15:25
Awwww Hallo's eve! If only my town was more into scaring... Good thing I have this bar!

31st Oct 2012, 19:29
Johnny: "Monsters, dragons, spirits, gremlins, witches, nekos - you're all welcome! Just don't...play any tricks on ol' Johnny, awright?"

*Tosses candy in self-defence*

31st Oct 2012, 20:28
www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.481085... (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.481085335269970.112456.100001055224876&type=1&notif_t=like)

My outfit

31st Oct 2012, 23:28
Hurricane Sandy dampered everything here so didn't get the opportunity to do much Halloween related this year. :/

We were very fortunate that things ended fairly well and that we didn't lose power. (Or anything else for that matter.) All I had the chance to do was get some pics with a very cute little pumpkin. ^_^ Taken right before the hurricane started.

myfigurecollection.net/picture/551742&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/551742&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

Inori is starting to become one of my favorite figures...not to mention she's fall themed...

myfigurecollection.net/picture/551744&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/551744&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

myfigurecollection.net/picture/551745&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/551745&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

myfigurecollection.net/picture/551746&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/551746&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

And then tonight, playing with a puppet that my husband made in college

myfigurecollection.net/picture/553935&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/553935&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

myfigurecollection.net/picture/553934&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/553934&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

myfigurecollection.net/picture/553949&re... (http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/553949&ref=user%3ANeko_Oni)

There's some NSFW ones, but I'll let you guys check them out on your own. XD

1st Nov 2012, 03:35
Johnny: "Awww, nice pictures, both of ya! Thanks for dropping by on your way to Hell an' showing me. Here's a litte reward..."

*Gives the girls one basket each filled with spooky candy, Materia, cookies and other sweets*

1st Nov 2012, 07:49
Johnny: "Alright guys, it's time to vote. Yes, you heard right, the secret third judge is none other than YOU!

JoHoNNY'S FANTASTIC HALLoWEEN CoNTEST 2012 had the honour of receiving the following three amazing and wondrous entries:




~Dark Wonderland~


By Ripax - na.square-enix.com/144990015 (/144990015)

[/url]member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4632)

member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4665)

member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4661)

member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery... (http://member.square-enix.com/jp/avatar/gallery/comic/detail.php?id=4663)


Boy - Ripax

Bunny Girl - Ripax

Butterfly Lady - Ripax

Cheshire Bird - Ripax

Alice - Minerva/wingedgoddess

Bunny Boy - Grimoire/Grimoire-Hakase

(Over at SEM JP you can borrow other members' avatars for your own snapshots and comics.)


~The Silence of the Cetra~

Movie Poster Featuring Aerith

By Gaia - na.square-enix.com/144973501 (/144973501)

[url="http://gaialeistrife.deviantart.com/art/Cetra-of-the-Lambs-332936682"]gaialeistrife.deviantart.com/art/Cetra-o... (http://gaialeistrife.deviantart.com/art/Cetra-of-the-Lambs-332936682)


a gaialeistrife picture/aerith gainsborough/sephiroth/cloud strife/barret wallace/music by nobuo uematsu/production designer hironobu sakaguchi/director of photography ken narita/edited by masato kato/executive producer hironobu sakaguchi/based upon the novel by kazushige nojima/screenplay by yoshinori kitase/produced by yusuke naora and tesuya nomura/directed by gaialeistrife

-A SQUARE Production


<center>~Happy Halloween from Cait Sith~</center>

Halloween Card Featuring Cait Sith

By Cait Sith

semna29.webs.com/Happy_Halloween.jpg (http://semna29.webs.com/Happy_Halloween.jpg)


Now I'm gonna explain how to vote:

You, our cool and clever judges, have been given 10 points each which you are free to distribute as you please (me and Grimoire have 20 each). For example, if you really like one of entries, you can give it all of your 10 points. However, if you like two of them just as much, you can give them 5 each, and so on.

You will have to wait until November 7 to see how me and Grimoire voted, and that is also when I will announce the results. Vote here at JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN or send Grimoire a message. I am excited to see how everytning'll turn out! Good luck and have fun voting!" :D

1st Nov 2012, 17:29
All 10 of mine go to Gaialei's.

1st Nov 2012, 18:49
Mine go to Ripax (I never vote for myself)

1st Nov 2012, 19:54
Shadow: Glad that's all over... *powers down*

Gilgamesh: Don't like halloween?

Shadow: I'm tired of people asking if my dragon features are my costume....

(i like the cheshire bird too, nice one ripax)

1st Nov 2012, 20:11
Half of my points for Ripax, an the remaining half for Gaia.

1st Nov 2012, 20:19
wait you get more than one? then give 6 to ripax 4 to gaia lol.

3rd Nov 2012, 06:33
Johnny: "Our HALLoWEEN page has been uppdated with the current score. Thank you for your votes so far!"

johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.h... (http://johonnysheaven.webs.com/Halloween_2012.htm)

4th Nov 2012, 19:57
very close race on this one isn't it?

5th Nov 2012, 01:46
Johnny: "You bet! But don't forget that me and Grimoire have 20 points each to distribute so much can still happen!"

5th Nov 2012, 16:08
Cloud: with a race that close, it kinda makes you nervous...

:sitting there staring at the scores:

6th Nov 2012, 05:34
Cait Sith: "Five points tae entry number one an' five points tae entry number two!"

Johnny: "Got it!"

6th Nov 2012, 10:15
I think I may have wandered into a strange yet inviting place.. *chuckles before starting to browse the artwork*

Alia Loveless: *dryly* Judging by the clientele, I would tend to agree.

*turns to Alia* Would you kindly lighten up and get us a drink?

Alia: Ugh! Fine...

6th Nov 2012, 10:33
Johnny: "And a BIG Welcome to you! Thank you for choosing my wondrous bar. :D

Have you decided on what to order yet? If not, I'd really recommend my latest invention: Frosty Kalmlands! The perfect drink to greet the beginning of the winter season with."

6th Nov 2012, 10:51
Alia: *gives a quick nod of affirmation to Johnny as she leans against the bar* Frosty Kalmlands sounds a bit rich for me, but right up Dkside's alley. *shrugs* Glass of banora white juice for me.

*Hears the conversation and walks over eyes already rolling* I must apologize for my friend here, Alia seems to have been born without any social skill whatsoever. Thanks for having us! ^_^
*Ponders the menu a bit more* Think I will take you up on your drink recomendation. *chuckles*

Alia: I still wonder why I even bother accompanying you anywhere *sneers*

That's an easy answer, because I said so. XD

6th Nov 2012, 11:16
Johnny: "Sure thing. Besides, the more the merrier, as I always say. And social skills, eh? I'm sure you've got plenty of them. That Prishe, on the other hand, is a whole different story...

And here you go! One Banora White Apple Juice and one Frosty Kalmlands. Oh! And you really must give the new Chocolate Materia a try. It's all on the house."

6th Nov 2012, 12:06
I could never turn down such a generous offer, especially sweets. *sips her drink and smiles* Now that is the good stuff. *nods and points to her cup*

Alia: *lets the rim of her glass hover about her lips before sipping gingerly* Not a chocolate fan. *fumbles her words in order to "make nice"* S-Sorry.

*turns to Alia* Isn't this better than demon hunting?

Alia: Hardly. If I sit around like this for too long, you'll make me fat with this extensive menu. *sighs*

6th Nov 2012, 12:16
Johnny: "Your happiness is my happiness! :D

Hmm...then, if not a Choco Materia, then how about a Chocookie? photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/156913719 (http://photozou.jp/photo/show/892251/156913719)

Oh, so you're Demon Hunters? I bet Halloween was a busy time for ya."

6th Nov 2012, 12:42
*Eyes widen at the thought of demon hunting* Goodness no! I take odd jobs here and there, usually courier jobs and such. You know, something that doesn't usually endager my life. *chuckles* Alia over there's the protection, or at least one of my small squad of friends, but she does have a disturbing passion for her work. *catches sight of the cookies* Aww they're so cute! Must.. eat ..one.. XD

Alia: Pfft. Please.. quit being such a sweet-obsessed drama queen. I hunt all manner of monsters, but I do have a particular knack for disposing of demons. *dismisses her companion's behavior before focusing her attention on Johnny* Halloween only makes things harder. Don't want to kill humans by mistake. And no, there aren't more around during the holiday.As far as I tell anyway. Although the notion that humans can summon such creatures without materia or magical aptitude is laughable.

*smirks* ..And yet you seem to have no problem with our mutual friend Titania?

Alia: *Flashes a sacastic smirk before sipping again* I work for gil, not charity or justice.

6th Nov 2012, 12:59
Johnny: "It's so even it's almost scary... O_O Thank you for voting, Ripax!

And that's a relief...I guess. Just be careful out there, gals."

6th Nov 2012, 13:08
Hrm.. *looks over the entries again*
So hard to decide.. I say 4 for Ripax, 4 for Gaia and 2 for Cait Sith. Not going to upset the balance simply because I like both the concepts. Plus the third is insanely cute! XD

6th Nov 2012, 14:00
Johnny: "Great, great! :D

Now it's only a matter of time before I'll let you know the final score.

Three?! Alright...just...you sure you'll be able to sleep tonight?"

6th Nov 2012, 21:28
I'M BACK IN MY OLD ACCOUNT!! I'm so happy... T^T

7th Nov 2012, 01:37
Oh? Did you log in using facebook, or did the CS team help you out?

7th Nov 2012, 03:19
Johnny: "Random Question of the Moment: What do you say, guys? Should I disquality Grimoire as a judge or not? Yes or No?"