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12th Sep 2015, 04:17
Well hello i have 3 suggestions to write about here goes 1:

1) Make it in leagues so that players can choose which servers they want to play on, i for one during EU nighttime can't find a good lobby since i get always in NA server which makes me lag so bad i can't properly play, i get stuff like... abilities or attacks going through targets or at least that's what appears to me.

2)Make it in league so that i can queue up with friends or at least make it so it has no balance of teams, why should i get random noobs to carry? Don't get me wrong i'm not the best player not even top something but compared to <100 hour players i'm a demigod. Make it so we can either play with friends and keep the teambalancing or just make it so players who are very skilled never meet the players who are just starting to play the game. Yes some will say hours don't matter blabla, 90% of the time a 700 hour player vs a 200-300 is much better and more skilled.

3) Third is something i have made in the past at least 2 threads about it: MAKE THE TOXIC FX GLOWING GREEN, or something better! At the moment the toxic FX looks like vampires have manure over their hands same goes for human weapons manure all over, and little flies that go over the manure. Plus those pesky flies when you play as scout are quite annoying. Please make the manure-like effect a lot better as it should be, and i am sure others agree on this with me since it could be some glowing green thingy, skulls, toxic waste, radioactive-like color or smth like that instead of manure all over.

Would love to hear some feedback on my suggestions ^_^

13th Sep 2015, 04:00
I would let the toxic effect that way. Its the one of the rare fx that doesnt glow.. I h√Ęte beeing √* big tyra t + having fire glows on my hand so ppl see me moving all over the map. Toxic is sneaky for vampire approach.