View Full Version : Any chance Dragon Quest Builders will come to PC?

11th Sep 2015, 22:22
As someone who loves minecraft, and Dragon Quest, to me, this is a perfect marriage of games! However, these days, I'm an exclusive PC gamer. I can't justify having a console over a PC since, by comparison, consoles are limited in their ability. I hope to hear from someone soon on this. Thanks!

16th Sep 2015, 00:53
I wouldn't count on it, it seems to be a Sony exclusive :(

We don't even know if it will even be released outside Japan... The new CGI trailer is region-blocked...

Edit: Heroes also seemed to be a Sony exclusive but its going to Steam, so its possible.

26th Nov 2015, 01:53
One can only hope.

26th Nov 2015, 19:17
Dragon Quest Heroes is going to PC so I'd say it could be possible.

8th Oct 2016, 04:01
So this thread has been up for over a month and an official post has not yet been made on these forums? Wtf does Square-Enix think people are coming onto the Official Squenix forums for? I'm buying this game for the Xbox One or PC... or I'm going to rent it for the PS4 and give my money to GameFly instead. Not sure why Squenix doesn't understand this.

10th Oct 2016, 02:58
I would LOVE to see this game ported to PC. So much so, I started a Steam group dedicated to getting Dragon Quest games ported to PC. Please join!


17th Dec 2016, 20:07
I just wanted to let you guys know that there is major interest in getting DQ games ported to PC, especially DQ Builders! The DQ on PC group now has 180 members! Not bad for a group that started only a couple of months ago!

I hope someone at Square-Enix is listening. There's a lot of interest in PC ports!