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11th Sep 2015, 15:07
Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for your awesome feedback since the game’s release. We’ve been reading through hundreds of posts on forums and on social media and so far it’s been overwhelmingly positive!

This is why we wanted all of you to get the chance to get all your Lara Croft GO questions answered on the next edition of The Crystal Compass, the Crystal Dynamics podcast. In addition to the usual avenues of the Official Tomb Raider Blog (www.tombraider.tumblr.com) and iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-crystal-compass/id447844486?mt=2), we will also offer the segment on SoundCloud for everyone to take a listen!

Reply below with your questions about Lara Croft GO’s development and the Square Enix Montreal dev team will answer them in the next few weeks in audio form.


11th Sep 2015, 20:15
Ooh :D

#1 What kind of ideas did you come up with before the final product? (Things like artifacts, enemies etc)

#2 What are your plans for future GO titles? Will you be revisiting Hitman or Lara Croft, or perhaps tackling another Square Enix title, like Deus Ex or Final Fantasy?

#3 Is there any chance for a digital (or preferably physical) art book for Lara Croft GO?

#4 How about a complete soundtrack? The OST for Temple of Osiris was released via Soundcloud, would you be able to do the same?

Thanks guys!

12th Sep 2015, 02:14
Can we look forward to anything Lara Croft related in the future? Perhaps a new chapter or a whole new entry down the line, perhaps? *wink wink*

I'll also echo ABH's questions 3 and 4. Would be nice to have some collectible goodies for Go (such as that viewmaster some lucky people laid hands on during events earlier this year)...

14th Sep 2015, 16:13
Have you considered an expansion pack for Lara Croft GO? Or perhaps revising an old classic game into the GO mechanics.

I also liked the question from a_big_house about the release of an artbook.

15th Sep 2015, 15:42
Hey guys,

Try to focus on the stuff that is actually in the game, the future content we just might not be able to talk about it at all! :(


15th Sep 2015, 15:58
^ That would suck, but it's understandable...

#5 Was there anything that you guys felt that you couldn't add, or weren't allowed to add to the game? (Extra characters, different environments etc)

#6 Whose genius idea was it to go back to the old menu system? I seriously love it

#7 Do you have any funny or interesting stories about the game? Things like funny bugs, or perhaps an easter egg no one has found yet

16th Sep 2015, 00:03
You break my heart, Nicolas. jk

Sort of building ontop of ABH's n.5, I just spotted this frame on a LCGO video. Can you tell us a bit more about possible mechanics that didn't make it into the game?


Also, snakes. There's definitely a thing for snakes, isn't there? lol

19th Sep 2015, 10:07
What was it like working so close to Crystal Dynamics with the project? Also, are you fans of the Tomb Raider franchise yourselves, and did any of the games inspire you with designing and developing some of the areas in the game?

20th Sep 2015, 06:23
My questions are:
1) Will xbox come to the Win Phone and Win10 edition of Lara Croft Go.
2) Do you plan to do a Deus Ex or Legacy of Kain Go?

21st Oct 2015, 20:54
Guys, answers to our Q's are live! (https://soundcloud.com/crystaldynamics/lara-croft-go-qa-with-square-enix-montreal) :D

Very teasing answers both regarding future Go titles and additional Lara Croft Go content. Guess we'll have to wait and see! Thanks Nick for putting this together for us! <3

22nd Oct 2015, 15:26
No problem! ;) It's so fun to do! :D

Can't wait for you to see what we have in store!!! :nut:

23rd Oct 2015, 23:44
Can't wait for you to see what we have in store!!! :nut:


Still want to know about an artbook though, since we did get the OST ;)