View Full Version : League games not 4vs4

11th Sep 2015, 14:22

Well I started the leagues with a feeling like wow something exiting and we can win something.

However ranked matches are becoming very anoying.

I'm almost back at square 1 regarding to rank because of uneven matches. It's not fair and not fun to play like that. Some people just leave at the start !!!!

I even wonder if it's possible to get on an enemy team and leave so your friends get an easy win and things like that.

In my eyes if someone is AFK or the match is uneven so 3-4 or less it should be cancelled and you get send back to matchmaking !!!!!! Otherwise I don't think I will play this since my true skills are not represented by the rank, I rather play unranked and have fun in 4vs4 than this crap !!!!!

Punishment for leavers are also not hard enough, that you leave 1 time ok (there can always be something urgent), but when leaving multiple times within a day or more it should be punished much harder than now.