View Full Version : with type-0 being on the ps4, xb1 and pc now, are we likely to get a vita version?

11th Sep 2015, 12:24
i am still waiting for the vita version of the game, i have the original import on psp, and i do not own a ps4 nor a xb1. i do have a pc, but it is a low end gaming pc, and i dont quite know if my pc can handle it, besides that i am against having a digital version of the game.

considering that SE put out 10/10-2 on the vita, ps3 and ps4, and the vita can handle HD quality games/movies, is it likely SE will eventually put the game out on the vita? i played the handheld version of type-0, originally, and i am still waiting to play the localized haldheld version of type-0.

i am sure that i am not alone in feeling that type-0 should be experienced on a handheld console, the way the original psp title was released. and the vita is where type-0 should have been released originally, along side a psp version. anyone that pays attention to SE games noticed that Lord of Arcana had a sequel in japan called Lord of Apocaylpe, and the sequel was released on both psp and the vita. considering the vita was getting released within a few months of type-0's original oct 2011 release date, it would have made sense for SE to start preparing an upscaled version for the vita, around then. i mean if SE can decide to cancel the ps3 version FF15 and put it on the ps4 and xb1 3yrs before the ps4 and xb1 ever got released, then i dont see why they didnt plan accordingly for the vita's release and a vita version of type-0.

but this is the current SE we are talking about with the history of making big bonehead mistakes. :S