View Full Version : ABILITIES special abilities sometimes don't work after countdown

7th Sep 2014, 00:35
hi Nosgoth the bug i found last couple of days, special abilities sometimes don't work after countdown, happens alot almost 3 - 4 seconds delay after hitting zero and alot of the time can't fire it at all on the human side i noticed it with the prophet can be low on health fire the health stealing ability hit the player and nothing happens seems very buggy if it steals health at all seems only to work at a massive distance in my experence, its not so bad on vampire side more due to a longer delay after countdown, can be really frustrating end up button bashing to fire it :( then dosent work at all

10th Sep 2014, 19:51
Usually when I've encountered this it seemed to be an animation delay or just plain lag/latency. I've noticed the health steal specifically as well because it's supposed to be pretty much instant and can be crucial.

12th Sep 2014, 16:11
hi Goz , Im glad someone else is having this problem could be man not sure , seems the delay takes ages its happens t its so frustrating it happens to much i think just for latency as soon as the countdown finishes , the ability should be ready instantly my keyboard buttons cant take it any more :) :) got to be a sync issue for the clock counter . hopefully the devs have seen this one ,